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  1. I've done countless things to optimize my server already. (Custom Clearlag, ChunkLoading, View distance 5)
    I'm having random TPS drops, and I'm wondering how I can fix this guys.
    - 1.2k chunks and 500 entities.
    - Using 2gbs of ram with 15 players.
    - 1% CPU usage.

    Server Specs.
    I have plenty of ram (24gbs)
    A good CPU (Xeon 1245v2)
    I use McMyAdmin

    Thanks guys.
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  2. Could we see timings please?
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  3. Check my signature and add me on Skype, I can help.
  4. There are some spigot.yml/bukkit.yml/server.properties tweaks that might still help. What kind of server is it exactly? Some servers are particularly bad about "lag machines". Skyblock servers and their mob farms are an excellent example, due to the massive amount of collisions per tick the server must calculate for funnel-type mob farms.

    frash23's optimization guide should hopefully assist to some degree. If that still doesn't help, you might consider looking to hire someone to optimize your server. frash23 himself also does that, among plenty of other people in the Offering - System Administrators section.
  5. Your dedicated computer does have a good amount of RAM (16GBs) however that does not mean your java application is allowed all that RAM. You can be limiting your java application (the minecraft server) to only use 1GB. Make sure you are allowing it more RAM.
    However, my suggestion above is completely blind because you did not provide information such as your timings. Please provide more information for a fix to your problem.
    If you are experiencing TPS drops, I would imagine it would be your plugins (maybe too many) or some plugins are very resource hungry causing your Ticks Per Second to drop (due to too many calculations).
  6. Show us some timings (/timings) and your server startup script. (For example your run.bat)
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  8. TopPVP and your Votifier/GAListener Setup are faulty. Try to remove them for a short time and say if that helps.