Order pex groups in TAB?

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  1. Hi!

    My network uses MDvW's AnimatedNames and Tab. We have all the groups set up accordingly to rank color for pex. However, when the names are displayed in tab, they do not appear to be in any sort of order.

    I would like overall for it to be sorted by group going:

    I'm not sure how to set up teams that correspond with pex groups (if that's what needs to be done), but if someone could show me how that would be great!


    I know that skyblock.xyz has something like this that works with both AnimatedNames and Tab! See if you can determine what it is!
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  2. i could make a plugin for this if you want?
  3. For sure man! As long as it would be compatible with AnimatedNames and Tab.
  4. If you add our developer ItsCursed#9760 over Discord, He can probs do that for cheap.

  5. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to pay rn xD If you want to do it for free it would be appreciated to many people across the spigot community.
  6. I believe he can, Hit him up.

  7. k
  8. Bump
    I've seen this be done on servers such as skyblock.xyz anyone know the name of it?
  9. Techmo9j i am currently making the plugin. It has the custom tab. It will have your prefix on tab and the highest rank will be at the top!
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  10. @MGPro be sure to publish it because i got a feeling more people might wanna have something like that
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  11. Alright, how will the config be? Do I just put an array of my existing ranks in the order I want?
  12. Nametagedit does this
  13. I'll give it a look :)