orebfuscation/proximity hiding configurations with spigot

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  1. so spigot has built in orebfuscation now

    i remember reading in some of the original posts about it that it has speed and effectiveness advantages over plugin version and can take care of orebfuscation in a way that plugins simply cant

    is this true? because lishid the author of the orebfuscation plugin says that its basically just engine mode 1 with some slimmed down configuration and that his plugin can get the same performance and effect

    i dont actually have xraying software so i am not sure how to test it

    if the spigot version really is better i was planning to disable orebfuscator's version and just use only its proximity hiding effect, but apparently this is not possible, if you have orebfuscator it disabled spigots version so i hear

    basically any details/information about the optimal spigot/orebfuscation/proximity hiding configuration is appreciated
  2. it now has engine mode 2.

    There is some benefits on the built in one in that it isnt using reflection/interception/injection practices to achieve its goal, so overall the code is going to be more stable.

    its meant for people who just want basic anti xray. if you want more bells and whistles, stick with the plugin version.
  3. so i guess the plugin still has compression options, ,more threading options
    and caching right?

    also i have to have proximity hider
  4. md_5

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    The threading options don't count and we already adjust compression
  5. In topic to this, will there come a time when more options are added? Or will there only be a robust version implemented into spigot?
  6. maybe he means because chunk loading is already async multi threaded