Orebfuscator TPS Issue

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SexyMime, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. orebfuscator is taking my TPS down from 20TPS @ 100 online to 0.7TPS with 100% within 1.5 hours. This does not seem correct, I know it takes a CPU hit but it should not drain all down to 0.7TPS...somethings wrong with spigot + this plugin.
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    The Oreobfuscator plugin is generally pretty bad at efficiency. Have you tried the embedded anti xray?
  3. I tried both and both drop me down to 3-0.7 TPS after 2 hours uptime with 150 online. 16 gig ram, Xeon quad core.
  4. Please if anyone here knows why this Plugin is bugging my TPS out please let me know!
  5. Because it is extremely resource intensive? It is not some mystery nor is it uncommon...
  6. it takes my TPS down to 0.7TPS after 2 hours....this must be a bug with the plugin. (I have a very powerful server)
  7. I noticed the embeded orefuscator in your spigot, havent' turned it on yet cause too many players online. How is it different from the plugin?
  8. I have been running the built in orebfuscator for a while now and have been monitoring performance and it seems stable for me. If you have a multi world setup on your server try adding some worlds to the disabled worlds section in bukkit.yml. I disabled worlds such as nether and the end.
  9. andrewkm

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    The built in anti-xray won't be lagging you. Check out your timings and report back. No way that the built in anti-xray will be the culprit. Its seriously very very very minimal. (Unless we're in for a surprise) ... Do a timings merged and use aikars site to paste.
  10. wait there is a built in anti xray so how to you enable it and can i delete the orebfuscator
  11. Correct me if I am wrong but the built-in version it is limited to Engine type 1 which is pretty much useless.
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  12. I have tested the built in one with xray hacks and it does a pretty good job hiding all the ores and takes the heavy load off that the bukkit plugin has.
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    Far from useless. I have been using it since it came out now, and it works great. It hides easily95% of ores while using x-ray. The only things it won't obfuscate are anything open to air, which includes exposed ore, chests, spawners, etc. But it makes it so easy to catch someone digging right towards them.
  14. Ok, I am corrected. Last time I tested engine type 1, users had no problems finding ores using xray. This was with the actual plugin though.

    I will rerun performance and effectiveness test on my servers.

    Thanks for the sound off!