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Solved Orebfuscator update radius is bugged

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Bestle, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Bestle


    When using anything apart from the default update-radius of 2, it seems to reobfuscate blocks it shouldn't.

    This can be seen in the video below

    The first half is with an update radius of 4 (notice how the blocks appear to jump about) and the second half is with an update radius of 2.
  2. SuperSpyTX


    This is a known bug and I'll requote from the other thread:

    For now, i'll keep this in mind.
  3. Though using deobfuscation on Packet53 means that the whole chunk will get de-obfuscated.

    What I suggest we do is reobfuscate it using a higher initial radius just for that chunk when done from Packet53.
  4. SuperSpyTX


    Maybe make initial radius a configuration setting so people can change the initial radius however they want it.
  5. Bestle


    Any updates on this? I have a map reset soon and would love to use engine mode 2 with a higher update radius from the get-go.
  6. Bestle


    Anything yet?
  7. Bestle


  8. SuperSpyTX


    Bro seriously.

    I'm terribly busy this week and won't have free time for the next couple of weeks (after Spring Break).

    EDIT: Also why do you need a higher update radius?
  9. Bestle


    Still present in 1.5 builds.
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  10. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Bump xD
  11. SuperSpyTX


    If someone with good knowledge on how to get Eclipse's "Attach Source" button to work, let me know.

    Otherwise, I can't properly trace the problem down..

    Nevermind. Now I just need to analyze the problem further.
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  12. SuperSpyTX


    The fix is here

    I included a YT video to see the fix in action (I was not sure if this is the result that should be happening or not):

    I added an old commit in there that was from a while ago.
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  13. SuperSpyTX


    Pulled into Spigot now. This can be closed/marked as fixed.