Spigot Orebfuscator 4.4.3

The definitive Anti X-Ray plugin for CraftBukkit

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    Orebfuscator - The definitive Anti X-Ray plugin for CraftBukkit

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  2. Celebrimbor


    Finally! The best anti-xray comes to Spigot! :D :D :D
  3. Can someone who uses this tell me how it effects the TPS of the server?
  4. Celebrimbor


    Obfuscation will be the heaviest(edit- maybe a bit of an exaggeration based on older versions of anti-xray resources. Orebfuscator has a very clean and efficient algorithm) continuous process your server will see. This resource has a few options to give servers with not so much left over CPU to spend a few lighter weight options.

    Use the cache feature, engine mode 1, and initial proximity distance to 1 instead of 2. That is the light setup that doesn't just open up the server to bypasses.

    Edit: If your timings show 80%+ average capacity usage, then don't do it. <80%, run lightweight setup. <40%, using full default settings should be ok.
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  5. If I use the WorldBorder plugin to pre-generate the whole of my map, will the Orebfuscator cache make the plugin less expensive to run?
  6. Do you have some timings you could share? Not sure what your usercount is, but those would be hugely helpful. I'd be glad to feature them as from you.

    Basically, my own testing on a far smaller user base (dozen or two concurrent) shows that obfuscation is actually one of the _least_ expensive continuous processes, barely impacting performance at all and completely negligible compared to other plugins (like block protection, etc.).

    That said, we're pretty aware those are probably just "small population" effects and performance drain might in fact increase with larger concurrent populations ... but to date we haven't had any server operators offer any timings against the new release.

    If you're willing, that would be extremely amazing.
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    Scheduled release with minor fixes

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  8. Celebrimbor


    I have a small whitelist server. It could be a little rough with initial obfuscation when a player is flying at high speed on Elytra. Depends on the server I suppose. I don't have timing issues with Orebfuscator.
  9. Sounds good. Yeah, we have Elytra active and no reported issues; all my timings have trouble even finding Orebfuscator :).

    It's on my to-do to do some more serious profiling, as there are some algorithmic changes so the "common knowledge" on running times from 1.8.x no longer applies in general.
  10. Celebrimbor


    I edited my post in regard to anti-xray being super heavy. That comment was really based on Spigot's built in anti-xray, which was a bit clunky.
  11. we can do it in the bukkit.yml...
  12. Celebrimbor


  13. Sadly in 1.9, built-in X-Ray was removed. Some forks / builds overtop of Bukkit do have their own version of anti-xray -- it hasn't been included in Spigot yet, to my knowledge. I've been trying to keep tabs on that PR but only check it about once a week.

    What version of *Bukkit do you use? PaperSpigot? CraftBukkit by itself? Custom build? I'd love to see your approach.

    Of course if you're still running 1.8.x, then yes, built in is an option, although I've also issued "final builds" at release level 3.0.6 of Orebfuscator for all supported NMS versions of Minecraft (1.8, 1.8.3, and 1.8.4-1.8.8) if you want to give it a try and compare with whatever built-in you're using.
  14. Hi,
    My players are complaining because of fake ores appearing.
    When they are mining they sometime see a diamond ore or another ore, and when they come close, or mine this ore, it transforme into rock.

    How can i set up Orebfuscator to limite the apparation of those fake ores?
  15. Hi, I test the latest version 4.0.11 on my server, there is a problem with the display "sign" (empty) to change the world with Multiverse, and citizens also with the NPC no longer appears, but no errors in logs. sorry for my poor english (google)
  16. Change to engine mode 1. See details on how to config here: https://github.com/lishid/Orebfuscator/wiki/How-to-properly-configure-Orebfuscator

    Hi! We just had a similar report as an issue on the main repository: https://github.com/lishid/Orebfuscator/issues/90 - If that was you, thank you! If that wasn't - watch that issue for resolution. We're on it :).
  17. Thanks Dadee971! We do not currently support 1.9.3 or 1.9.4 -- Spigot incremented the NMS version in a way that impacts us. Watch the releases to know when we've got support added!

    Check out latest 4.0.12 version that I'm posting now. This should resolve your issue.
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    Off schedule important Entity Issue Fix release

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