Spigot OreLock 1.0

Unlock ore's in the GUI shop

  1. Message and GUI name can not be configured please add :)
  2. How would I go about configuring it so instead of 'xp' it uses something like Vault so I can buy the ability to mine ores?

    - Thanks!
    #3 Squish, Jun 13, 2017
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  3. It will come in the next update!
  4. You meaning, that you can buy it with money?
  5. Yes, can't wait for more configuration :)
  6. i dont make that you can buy it with money, only XP, im sorry
    The follow things will come in the next-update:
    - Message.yml (Configurable Message)
    - Price.yml (Configurable XP per ore)

    I hope you like it!