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Bug Oreobfuscator bug?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Sway, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Sway

    Artist Supporter

    The past few weeks i have had multiple players complain about certain blocks showing as stone until the player has hit them. I run Oreobfuscator engine mode 1 with an update radius set to 2.

    Below is a video showing what seems to be a bug with Oreobfuscator.

    Here is my bukkit.yml
    Code (Text):
    # This is the main configuration file for Bukkit.
    # As you can see, there's actually not that much to configure without any plugins.
    # For a reference for any variable inside this file, check out the bukkit wiki at
    # http://wiki.bukkit.org/Bukkit.yml
      allow-end: false
      warn-on-overload: true
      permissions-file: permissions.yml
      update-folder: update
      ping-packet-limit: 100
      use-exact-login-location: false
      plugin-profiling: true
      connection-throttle: 4000
      query-plugins: true
      deprecated-verbose: default
      shutdown-message: Server is restarting or going down for maintenance.
      filter-unsafe-ips: false
      whitelist-message: If you can't join the server then read the forums.
      log-commands: true
      command-complete: true
      - /skill
      tab-ping: true
      timeout-time: 60
      restart-on-crash: false
      restart-script-location: start.sh
      texture-resolution: 16
      snapshot-protocol: false
      map-send-interval: 10000
      stop-message: Server is restarting or going down for maintenance.
        growth-chunks-per-tick: 650
        mob-spawn-range: 4
        random-light-updates: false
        aggregate-chunkticks: 2
        item-merge-radius: 3
        exp-merge-radius: 3
        wheat-growth-modifier: 100
        cactus-growth-modifier: 100
        melon-growth-modifier: 100
        pumpkin-growth-modifier: 100
        sugar-growth-modifier: 100
        tree-growth-modifier: 100
        mushroom-growth-modifier: 100
        entity-activation-range-animals: 45
        entity-activation-range-monsters: 45
        entity-activation-range-misc: 16
        entity-tracking-range-players: 48
        entity-tracking-range-animals: 48
        entity-tracking-range-monsters: 48
        entity-tracking-range-misc: 32
        entity-tracking-range-max: 64
        info: true
        growth-chunks-per-tick: 1000
        view-distance: 5
        growth-chunks-per-tick: 0
        random-light-updates: true
        water-creatures-per-chunk: 0
      monsters: 80
      animals: 20
      water-animals: 5
      ambient: 15
      period-in-ticks: 600
      load-threshold: 0
      animal-spawns: 70
      monster-spawns: 90
      autosave: 0
      enabled: true
      - warn-console
      - warn-ops
      - warn-console
      - warn-ops
      preferred-channel: rb
      host: dl.bukkit.org
      suggest-channels: true
      username: bukkit
      isolation: SERIALIZABLE
      driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
      password: walrus
      url: jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db
      enable: true
      engine-mode: 1
      update-radius: 2
      - End
      - Nether
      - pvp
      - Shops
      - Mining
      - 1
      - 5
      - 14
      - 15
      - 16
      - 21
      - 48
      - 49
      - 54
      - 56
      - 73
      - 74
      - 82
      - 129
      - 130
      vote: einfo
      poof: evanish
    config-version: 2
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  2. Jigsaw


    I see the same thing with engine mode 2 (other than they are random ores and not stone). At first I thought it was because the blocks didn't have enough light next to them. I told my players to place more light sources near the disappearing blocks and that still didn't help. It isn't a huge problem and it happens rarely, but I think this is still a legitimate bug.
  3. Sway

    Artist Supporter

  4. Well I'd immagine you'd have to "up" the update radius.
  5. Sway

    Artist Supporter

    As much as i'd love to do that, i don't think that's going to help me. I tried this already, and it doesn't work, still shows other blocks as stone.
  6. Same issue in reverse. False ores showing horribly that do not disappear until contact. Proximity has nothing to do with it. Running Spigot 1464 build. What can we do to get this working? Players very frustrated.