Spigot OreRegenerator 1.5

OreRegenerator is a plugin that automaticly respawns your ores after a configurable amount of time

  1. Hey, really love this plugin. Big problem however...
    Lag. Big time. The server freezes for 1 second every 5 seconds. Not getting errors in the console or anything. Running 1.11.2. Please push a fix fast. Players on the server do not want to lose this plugin.
  2. I am getting an error in the console when the server starts - running spigot 1.8.8. Is this a known issue?
  3. i cant wait to see it working im currently doing work on a server running 1.8, i do plan to upgrade to later version with dual weild update once core mechanics are working.... <3 i dont plan to say what version will go live as i will not know till i get to it...

    saintblair11 on yt i have 4 channels and 2 other channels ran by old clan staff, also a fb page for my server work/testing ive been doing, as a log for myself and friends to see what ive been doing. enjoy!

    however long it takes <3 i have alot to work on... like a 3 month min elivation mapping project for my server.

    ohh add toggle to enable instanced regen (per player regen) in the config.

    another idea, per world & per region... example of config =P

    world1: [across world]
    block id 1 [timer]
    block id 2 [timer]
    world1: [regions] (per region)
    block id 3
    block id 4
    block id 3
    block id 5
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  4. The concept it good, and it is one of the few plugins that allow per region regenerations, though it does not work, despite the fact that the flag is registered (as seen on console), when trying to add the flag on a region, it simply show that it does not exist.

    I only need the regen to take place on a specific region and not globally. I can cope with per-world too, any ideas of the issue?
  5. Okay so I was wondering how to fix something. I don't think it's the plugin but anyway I put the plugin into my plugins folder than I reload my server to load in the plugin, but it doesn't show up when I check my plugins in-game. Any idea how to fix this? Also it doesn't add a folder for the plugin in the plugins folder either.
  6. I would restart your server rather than reload. Reloading the server can cause many issues/break plugins.
  7. I tried that many times
  8. hey i got it to work in my server but it wont let me do flag regen-ores allow even though i have the most recent update ot wg custom flags
    plz help