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  1. Mikgreg


    I've seen on some servers they use an organised layout for their tab lists.
    For example:
    Player1 is an Admin, Player2 is a Mod, Player3 is a Player.

    The tab list would look like:

    Staff: Player1, Player2
    Player: Player3

    How would I go about implementing this? Right now im thinking to have the /list ordered by groups, have all staff in one group and give them custom prefixes, but thats kind of an inconvenience..
  2. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Typically servers with Essentials and GroupManager have this organised layout.
    A recent update to Essentials also allows tweaking this layout further, although I've not touched the Essentials config since December 2012.
  3. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    In Essentials config:

    # Sort output of /list command by groups
    sort-list-by-groups: true
  4. Works with Pex as well.
  5. This is easy to do. You can group seperate groups into their own categories, or like you said, have multiple groups in 1. eg staff.

    Here is what mine looks like.

    # Sort output of /list command by groups.
    # You can hide and merge the groups displayed in /list by defining the desired behaviour here.
    # Detailed instructions and examples can be found on the wiki:
    # To merge groups, list the groups you wish to merge
    Admin: admin
    Owner: owner
    Moderator: moderator
    Citizen: citizen
    CoOwner: coowner
    StaffManager: Staffmanager
    As you can see, the format is:
    [The Heading You want in /list]: The matching name of group. So, With CoOwner, I do CoOwner (The Heading that shows up): coowner (So it knows to put all players with th group CoOwner.
    Hope I've helped :) -Jak