Osiris Community Assistance Program

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  1. Osiris Community Assistance Program
    Osiris Community Assistance Program, dubbed "oCap", is an early-stage project aimed at mediating and evolving the way player-staff relations are handled on a server-to-server basis. We are seeking open-minded individuals willing to partake in our primary trials and share their experiences and suggestions with us so that we may continue to expand and develop our works.

    Our first trials revolve around the way punishment appeals are handled on servers. We believe that the current system is susceptible to bias and influence from all parties and this makes it weak and flawed as a result. With our meticulously developed system, we aim to drastically reduce the chances of this happening by implementing a stronger, more effective method that we strenuously believe has potential to become the system of tomorrow.

    Please privately message me for a link to our Discord for more information.​