Resource [OSS] LoafMenus - Simplistic GUI API (1.7, 1.8, 1.14)

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  1. Hello folks, I decided to post this here to help other people and gain some feedback and such.

    What is LoafMenus?
    LoafMenus is a simplistic, yet powerful GUI API for Spigot. It was made to assist in the development of plugins made by myself, however, I decided to release it to the public.

    I have a lot more that I plan on adding on the future (to-do/planned features list can be found here).

    What features does it currently have?
    • Easy to use, simplistic, but powerful
    • Lambdas!
    • Multi-version supported (tested w/ 1.7, 1.8, 1.14)
    • Set click & close handlers for each item
    • Multiple types of menus (different chest sizes, box & hopper inventories)
    • Includes examples
    • And much more already implemented (and coming soon)!
    More information on the GitHub page:

    Feel free to leave feedback, make pull requests, star it, etc.
    I suck at making threads
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  2. --- Updates ---

    • 11/22/20 - Added the ability to make different types of inventories (box/dispenser and hopper)
  3. idk man, looks kinda cool to me
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  4. It wouldn’t actually be a resource if it didn’t reinvent the ItemBuilder for the 500th time /s
  5. I appreciate the feedback from y’all.:)

    I wanted it to be simple & quick for people to use, so I only made it return the essential info, however that is a good idea and I think I’ll implement it.
    TBH, the MicroItemBuilder was just a quick thing for my sake, but I can implement that as well.

    Haha, yes indeed.
  6. Mainly simplicity, size, and usability, LoafMenus was made to be able to do everything it needs to, without having a bunch of extra features.

    IF is great if you need something with that amount of control and utilities, but if you just need to make a few menus, there’s no need to include all that bulk.
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  7. One thing I've noticed is that pagination is not yet supported. I saw that under TODO in the GitHub project, don't know its current status. I quite like this little framework you have.