Other than Mojang, where else have you seen this in a EULA?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by iProgramIt, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. I'm trying to get a better grasp of the EULA, and whilst I was reading it, these two lines stood out to me:
    I assume this is where all the drama is at. I mean, they're two very unreasonable things to put in a EULA (especially because they modified it just to let it stick out), even I know that.

    My question is, Aside from Mojang, what companies have put this sort of thing in their EULA?

    It is indeed curious to know this. :p
  2. Virtually every user agreement for software, services and games.
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    I mean, it's not exactly unreasonable to put these in a EULA. It's a strange concept for a large company such as Mojang to go ahead and say:
    "We've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours working on this game and we're extremely proud of it! Why don't you guys go ahead and exploit our game to make a profit off of it for doing absolutely little to no work!"

    That seems quite strange to me. The fact that servers make a profit is fantastic, and to be honest, I'd be extremely proud of that had I taken the initiative to do it myself. The problem is, that wasn't Mojang's original intention. They hadn't planned to have huge-budget servers that make money by selling things that can be potentially unfair to others. Some people like Pay2Win whereas others, such as myself, do not enjoy it because it's not as entertaining to join a server and get instantly destroyed by someone who has the capability to purchase something and claim, "Get gud, m8".
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  4. The problem is drawing the line between a pay2win server and a non pay2win server, because, let's be fair, giving 1 diamond when you buy a rank isn't pay to win, but giving 1000 diamonds is.

    While it seems easy to draw the line in theory, in reality isn't due to the insane amounts of different gameplays style servers create, while 1000 may be super rare on a server, on another it may be too easy to get diamonds so 1000 isn't even pay2win.

    Because of that they just say "fuck it, you cannot sell ANYTHING that isn't cosmetic".
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    Another thread. @mathhulk, move to drama :D
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