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  1. md_5

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    Edit: I wish to make clear this is not the end for Spigot. We will keep on developing and we will keep on fighting. It is only a short matter of time before things will be sorted out. The Minecraft server community has not come this far over this many years to be killed by a single blow from a disgruntled developer.

    It is with a heavy heart this morning that I announce that in response to the DMCA takedown notices issued by Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness), a current [Craft]Bukkit developer, that we have removed downloads to Spigot from our public Jenkins build server located at http://ci.md-5.net/job/Spigot. Additionally access to the Spigot source code repository (formerly located at https://github.com/SpigotMC/) has been forcibly removed from GitHub following a similar DMCA takedown.

    This decision is not one that has been made lightly, but is one which has been made based on a number of factors. Following extensive legal counsel and advice from our attorney we were presented with a number of options we could take, including issuing a series of DMCA counter notices which had been prepared. This morning an assembly of the extended Spigot team, including our forum moderators, developers and IRC staff took part in a vote to decide the appropriate course of action. I abstained from this vote, however the outcome was unanimous and we have decided not to issue this counter notice, and instead take down the allegedly infringing material. It is by taking these steps, we believe, that the Spigot project stands the best chance of continuing to operate long into the future.

    Fighting a legal battle is all about risk, and no matter how solid we or our legal counsel believe our case to be, there is always the element of risk. A copyright lawsuit within the United States of America must be conducted within a Federal District Court, an activity which results in the potential for extreme risk and expense to all parties involved. A number of factors have gone into play here, and ultimately we have decided that if we wish to resume business as usual, this could indeed prove extremely counter productive to our cause.

    If there is one thing which has been observed by server owners and players alike, it is that the game which we all love, Minecraft, is best played with others and best played with friends. To this end, we have been in contact with Mojang, whose copyrighted material Mr Wolfe alleges is infringed upon, and they have come to the conclusion that these “allegations are therefore wholly unfounded”, and furthermore “we [Mojang] do not support people asserting rights which they do not have, against us or others”. This is a sentiment which you can find publicly expressed in the following statement by Vu Bui, the Chief Operating Officer of Mojang AB: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mojang-and-the-bukkit-project.309715/.

    Ultimately it is not just ourselves who are affected by this disappointing behaviour from Mr Wolfe, but also the other developers who have poured their heart and soul into these projects, the server owners who have built their livelihoods around them, the hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy our work every single day, and of course Mojang, the company which created this game. It is clear that Mojang believes Mr Wolfe “has mischaracterized and misrepresented the[ir] position”, and in the hope that they do what is right, for them and the greater community, we call upon them, and offer our full support in battling these claims.

    In the last few days we have been busier than ever in order to provide our full transparency into these matters, and coordinate with legal counsel all over the globe to give ourselves the best shot at winning this. For the support which you have provided as a community, I personally, and the whole staff team, are truly grateful for. I would like to give special thanks to all those who have donated to our legal fund, much of it has been put to good use already. We have taken all donations received within the last two days, matched every dollar donated with fifty cents from our savings, and deposited it into our newly established legal fund. This money will be used solely for legal matters, and we see it as being sufficient to guide us through the uncertain times ahead.

    Obviously with the removal of many of our resources, there is going to be all sorts of stuff floating around on the internet. As such we would like to provide some verification of several crucial items provided by our project in the hopes that server owners will be safe, should they manage to find alternate download sources.

    Last commit to SpigotMC/Spigot: 25b4191f0ff904b2c413f16a09a156f7973221b4
    Build #1649 (1.7 to 1.8 protocol, based on 1.7.10): f2edc09c45b1f80237602dc0d1b05969
    Build #1627 (1.7.10): 4cced3f71de1bf4c6caccd74e1186f35
    Build #1543 (1.7.9): 291669acb4eb8626e0341a988a6ee1e3
    Build #1433 (1.7.8): 7e2e6bb626013368b134212a5ec76aa1
    Build #1387 (1.7.8 protocol, based on 1.7.5): 76ad1a9809a014d3adc70ad39fb8e610
    Build #1371 (1.7.5): a20dcdaf01017fbd4203f9595c813110
    Build #1339 (1.7.2): 6685f2f76bf77e4db785fb32edbd313c

    Last commit to Bukkit/Bukkit: f210234e59275330f83b994e199c76f6abd41ee7
    Last commit to Bukkit/CraftBukkit: 07d4558b48d0717cb7f9e07015c76599b9fe9697

    In order to verify any git repository downloads, the current HEAD should match the sha1sum provided. This can be verified with the “git rev-parse HEAD” command. For all other jar downloads, the md5 checksum of the jar should match that provided. This can be verified with the “md5sum” command on Linux.

    More detailed instructions can be found here: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/28772/#post-322175

    We thank you for your understanding thus far, and hope that you understand that these decisions have been made first and foremost with the continuity of the project in mind.

    Thanks and long live Spigot
    ~ Spigot Developers
    ~ Spigot Staff
    ~ Spigot IRC Staff
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  2. andrewkm

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    Thank you for all your amazing transparency throughout this issue, as well as your countless hours working with it. <3 May things work out the best for Spigot and the wonderful community it has!
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  3. Puremin0rez


    Let's hope for the best.
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  4. Wow... I wish you the best of luck in getting this back on track.
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  5. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Wishing luck through tough times!
    Great to have a brilliant community that will support us though thick and thin :)
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  6. cindy_k

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    Hope Mojang can squash this properly soon. Then we can all get back to work on bunnies.
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  7. Sway

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    Good luck with everything.
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  8. It's a dark day for minecraft, thanks for the clarification.
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  9. GunfighterJ

    GunfighterJ Retired IRC Staff

    Time will work things out, we just need to be patient right now.
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  10. So essentially, any access to the jars is crippled? Or am I wrong?

    And, even if we do find another site to download off of, it'll just be illegal. :(
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  11. I am a server owner not a coder or legal person or DMCA expert. But can someone please explain to me how Mr. Wolf has the power to take bukkit/spigot and how he got this?

    Also I wish spigot and the whole community luck in these tough times.
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  12. ammar2

    ammar2 Retired Developer

    In regards to this, here's how to verify the integrity of any .jar files you may have via md-5 hashing

    Computing md_5 sum on linux:

    md5sum filename.jar
    Computing md_5 sum on windows:

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  13. Wait, is this the end?
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  14. Wish you all the best of luck.
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  15. :(, Give it some time, we will work it out. I may donate up to 2k, soon :).
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  16. jeff142


    This is a sad day in the world of minecraft.
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  17. goood luck i love you
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  18. so you ubdat to 1.8 now md5???? (Jks)

    Thanks for letting us know what's going on.
    I am sure we all appropriate the time and effort you and the Spigot team have put into this.
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  19. TitanicFreak


    Great the world is ending. Wonderful.
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  20. Good luck people, we need you back a.s.a.p.
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