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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. It can be hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight things in Federal courts as well as months and years to complete. I think Spigot is making the best of a bad situation. Why don't we give them time to think about their next steps and what they plan to do? This is not the sort of thing you do on little sleep and within a few hours or a couple of days.
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  2. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    We appreciate you and everyone's hard work in making these tough decisions. Naturally not everyone will understand why things are done a certain way, but it sounds like it was the best decision when it comes to the future.
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  3. Hail Spigot!
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  4. @md_5 off topic but how did you do the redirecting in Jenkins? I've been wanting to do something like that for a while
  5. Htaccess? maybe.
  6. jflory7

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    In terms of the situation at hand, it would be better for the long-term aspect of the project to take this course of action.
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  7. Just to let the record show, I'm making a promise to myself not to post a gif out of respect. I remember back when I first discovered Minecraft In the summer of 2012 (1.2.5) I knew from just playing It a mere few mins that this was the next big thing, And boy was I right. Instead of focusing on the present or even the future let's look back at all we have achieved. As far as I'm aware of Minecraft has the biggest game community of any game out there. But look at all we have achieved, I remember me being so "noobish". I was 12 years old didn't know how to do /spawn. But I have come so far In a matter of years. I have learned so much from just communication with people that I still can still call my friends today. Everyone Is In a state of panic and hatred. But I say we let all this play out, and you never know maybe this Wesley fellow will drop this DMCA.
  8. jeff142


    Odds are this is, sadly it sucks but it is.
  9. Send Lawyers, Guns and Money. ;)
    Is it at all possible that what Wesley actually wants is for Mojang to fix the licensing so it's actually legally legitimate?
    It does seem to be the one clear way out of this mess for all parties, but it may never be a palatable option for them if they have to open-source some of their server code. It would be a pity, as Notch flirted with the idea of eventually open-sourcing the game, long ago (iirc).

    Certainly the ball is now in Mojang's court, but they must be feeling like the meat in the sandwich. I hope they can bite the bullet and expedite a solution, for the benefit of the tens of thousands of Bukkit & Spigot users. This is an opportunity for them to build their reputation amongst the wider server community, and that can only be good for business.
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  10. /crie

    Too bad I'm now banned from the Bukkit forums for one comment
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  11. There proxy the Java jetty applet I believe
  12. jeff142


    being he only has 14 comments, do we have any plan to remove his and code are own? I mean its not the best fix but its a idea
  13. 14 comments and tons of code
    Why down we just delete all his code, commit then add the code back and commit and say we did it
  14. Well, I see the official API modded by you to support legacy bukkit plugins. Because he's some real shit on them. This legal battle of who can enforce copyright is likely to be won by Wesley Wolfe, because i don't see Mojang liberating NMS code anytime soon.

    Just for clarification: It is bukkit/spigot like putting strings on the official minecraft server to make everything you want, like a puppet, or it is a clean room implementation of NMS with the Bukkit API on there? Or it is something else?
  15. jeff142


    His DCMA dosent like to crazy much code, i mean it would suck, but its better then nothing
  16. I want to cry right now, but I can't since I haven't had any water for the past couple days because of depression.
  17. This is just a shame. I don't completely understand why Mr. Wolfe would DMCA spigot and CraftBukkit like this, however, It's just a bad situation overall. Not completely sure how code that is released open source can be DMCAed either, but, I have not read all the details either.

    Hopefully this can be resolved soon, and spigot can keep on developing. @md_5, your work on Spigot and Bungee are much appreciated, and hopefully they can be appreciated long into the future.
  18. jeff142


    Thats not good when the doctor cant even take care of him self :(
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  19. Hey Wild :D

    Anyways best of luck.
  20. Well basically there is no open source license because Mojang is violating it and Wolf therefore is saying the GPL isn't valid and Mojang agree because they won't release the server code a true GPL.
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