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  1. Don't be childish, he did what he felt he had to do. You might not see it as a good thing, because it altered your comfort, but it ended up creating a huge questioning in the whole minecraft community on "what would happen if bukkit died".

    I still agree it wasn't the best way to act, but the way he did it, at least, gathered enough attention on the case and raised awareness on some of Mojang's inactions, etc.
  2. Well... I saw EvenSafe retweet this a few days ago... Yeaaah.

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  3. Just host any and all code in a russian/chinese server and we're set. Europe works great as well, but they too have laws similar to DMCA (although DMCA doesn't apply).

    Sending DMCA to Mojang because they break the license is fine. However, being extra greedy and not wanting people to LEGALLY use his code is just a really REALLY stupid move.
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  4. So, Mr. Wesley Wolfe says both Spigot and Bukkit infrige his rights and that they both violate the license of providing patch files.
    This misses alot of context, why doesn't he sue some illegal downloading web site? After all, he was the developer of Bukkitcraft.
    Not well explained, in my opinion, the one making and illegal turn here, is Wesley Wolfe. o_O
  5. I honestly doubt that this was his intention for the DMCA request he did, because the DMCA happened shortly after EvilSpeh wanted to end Bukkit project and it didn't work out because Mojang owned it.
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  7. @MyPictures I personally don't care why he did it, I prefer assuming that it was for good reasons, even though there are lots of small details that don't go towards this direction.

    Also nevermind what he does next, I now have a copy of spigot's sourcecode (which I missed), and will keep it flowing if it has to go down again.

    Illegally, legally, I won't mind.
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  8. You mean Microsoft... AUGH...
  10. Did somebody know the server version that support 1.7-1.8 ?
  11. I dont think its legal to post that
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  12. jeff142


    Its not, and its adf.ly and mega... l337 haz....

    FFS just google it if you cant figure out the steep by steep way to get it.
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