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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Hey, the doc gets depressed sometimes.
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  2. jeff142


    I guss in this point i could understand :(
  3. A DMCA on an open source project... a project that's helpful to 1000s and loved by many. Hopefully Mr. Wolfe will open his eyes and see this.

    Thanks for your hard work as usual. Hopefully this is indeed not the end, and we can get through this.
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  4. I think I'm going to take a break from the MC community for a while.
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  5. I downloaded all the servers the day before xD, I knew this would happen! Sucks that I can't distribute them on this forum :(

    Anywayyysss... I hope Spigot and Bukkit survive this dilemma, I know this probably tore a gash in the Minecraft community but all wounds heal remember ;)
  6. Regarding the validity of Craftbukkit's and Spigot's GPL license, I think it's time to bring in the big guns.

    I'm going to send an email to RMS, and I highly recommend that MD_5/ the Spigot legal team does as well. Given that he created the GPL, he should be able to offer some insight into this issue. He's an all-around great guy and has a reputation for responding to all of his emails.

    I'll post back here with his response.
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  7. Mojang already outlined their position they want Bukkit to keep releasing the code as they have been or to shut down.

    This guy who is a lawyer commented on the issue to:


    There is no way around it. Something has to be done:

    1) Wolf could drop the DMCA claim but even then others can issue DMCA's on their code.
    2) Mojang could make their server GPL (But they won't) [This would solve all problems and make Wolf's claim invalid]
    3) Wolf's code could be removed and recoded to make the project operate but it would still be operating in the "grey area" like before. Also others could still DMCA their code.
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  8. Pure, what if the best doesn't happen? What will happen to Dethemium?
  9. Maybe you should offer your Public Relations services to Mojang... They could use it. :)

    I think you're slightly misrepresenting what Wolvereness' position is, though his DMCA complaint is, perhaps, not very clear.

    The fuse has been lit on this particular bomb, and there's not much that can defuse it. Since Spigot and CraftBukkit require the Mojang Minecraft Server to be bundled to function, and the licenses are incompatible, CraftBukkit has probably never been legal. Its legality had just never been challenged before.

    I sincerely hope that the various parties can get together and come to an amicable agreement. I would love to see Bukkit and Spigot continue. Though it seems highly unlikely, I hope that this can get resolved to everyone's benefit.

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  10. Contact Mojang with this, you can split the cost.
  11. I can understand why this guy was mad at bukkit being taken over by mojang but why would that mean he hits spigot with a DMCA too?
    Seems like hes just looking to cause some trouble on his way out.. Not sure why he has to be such a dick about it though.. He could potentially ruin the whole community and set back the server space back a while.
  12. TigerHix


    I suggest 3, when everything else doesn't and won't work. I believe not all Bukkit team members are childish, greedy like Mr. Wolfe.

    Maybe rewriting some parts of Bukkit API is not bad. Change the code structure a bit, moving members to here and there, and Mr. Wolfe's claims will be no longer valid.
  13. [​IMG]
    Surely you do not place the advice of some redditor above the eternal wisdom of our lord and savior St. IGNUcius of the Church of EMACS?
  14. Copyright applies to open source code just like any other code. The difference is that open source code comes with a license agreement along the lines of "anyone who follows these conditions can distribute this code". Bukkit are not following those conditions, so the license agreement does not apply, and (like any other copyrighted work) they are not allowed to distribute the code.

    (Obligatory: I am not a lawyer, just a (non-Spigot) developer who knows the ELI5 version)
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  15. Not sure if that was sarcasm, but he's a lawyer who specializes in video game law and has a very excellent reputation on /r/gamedev and Reddit in general. Also, that's an obnoxiously large image.
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  16. I'm just guessing here but I think:

    Wolf want's the legality of Bukkit assured with it being truly released under a GPL license and by Wolf following the GPL license and enforcing his DMCA he is forcing Mojang to agree to this or shut down Bukkit. Mojang doesn't want Bukkit to close nor release their server code as GPL however, that is the predicament.

    With that said and done Mojang wouldn't care too much about Bukkit being shut down since Spigot is in essence a Bukkit under another company and name which could carry on doing what Bukkit did and help the Minecraft server owners.

    Wolf's DMCA targetted Spigot for 1 or maybe 2 reasons.

    1) Spigot cannot be left operating because Mojang wouldn't be pushed into a corner (see above)
    2) If he doesn't assert his rights of Spigot breaking his copyright too then his claim might look odd.

    It's something along these lines....

    Maybe he just hates what Mojang did and wants to close Spigot and Bukkit and just mess up the whole community side of MC....
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  17. Problem with that is that spigot is based off the bukkit api, which means this is still his code
  18. Well, I hope it can get settled, soon. And hopefully Spigot, CraftBukkit and Mojang wins. Don't give up.
  19. Well, now this is the moment when you get out your sonic screwdriver and save the day.
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