Out of these 3, Which server hosting company should I use

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  1. I was wondering what hosting company I should use...
    In the past I have used MCProHosting, and it has almost always worked well, but im think about switching to other things.
    Right now, ExtraVM, Heavynode, and anvil node look good.

    it isnt a huge server. about 5 - 20 players,
    10 plugins, 3 worlds

    should I use one of these hosts, or find something different

    ps I know threads like this are out there, but none of them have helped me.
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  2. Stay the fuck away from ggservers.

    As always +1 for ExtraVM.
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  3. Apex is fine, their hosting and everything is very smooth, used it for many networks.

    ggservers isnt actually terrible, but expect slow loading of the Multicraft systems.

    Mcpro is a no-go. Very costly, and over the years, has lost its rep.
  4. ExtraVM is amazing, would recommend.

    owned by @MikeA, a former moderator.
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  5. Agree with everyone else, do NOT use ggservers. Very poor quality
  6. i'd remove ggservers from the list.
  7. I used ggservers before and it was horrendous. I'm not familiar with the service of the other two, though I know the name.

    I've been with heavynode myself now for a year and have been very happy with them. They don't have all the fancy menu's like most others, but staff is responsive and will install what you want.
  8. ExtraVM is great, been with them before.
  9. Try out pebblehost or bisecthosting, you can use apexhosting aswell. But bisecthosting is what I really recommend.
  10. Out of those three, I would choose ExtraVM.

    (I've been using Bisecthosting for over two years.)
  11. I would strongly recommend to rent a dedicated box from OVH if you have money. But if you don't want to spend so much money then, I suggest bisecthosting.
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  12. A dedicated server for "5 - 20 players, 10 plugins, 3 worlds" is ridiculous and a waste of time and money.
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  13. I recommend AnvilNode. Used them for 2 years and never had an issue!
  14. Very true, but itl grow over time...
  15. How about you try https://www.soyoustart.com/, it's fully dedicated servers and i've always used those for my server which had even 350 online players running perfectly! I don't know how much the prices are but give it a look. If you want cheap servers from the same brand totally dedicated check http://kimsufi.com/

    Both brands have full DDOS support as well!

    Let me know what you think!
  16. Fucks sake we've already gone through this: 1 server, 20 players, 10 plugins does not need a dedicated server.
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  17. They look good... but i dont need a deticated server... as DotRar pointed out
  18. I have tried BisectHosting and TheMinecraftHosting. The first one is basically lag-proof, but expensive. The second one is cheaper, but *technically* less powerful. I personally recommend you to try TheMinecraftHosting if you don't want to pay a lot, at least for the first months.
  19. As a value of 9.99€ on the last one i sent you, you can have everything you need in one of the servers. Website, Webstore, TeamSpeak, Minecraft Server
  20. Yeah but it'll run them like shit