Over 50 Bukkit Alternatives!

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  1. Hello,

    Spigot 1.8 will be released very soon!
    More information here!

    Here are over 50 Bukkit alternatives I listed, most of them are not yet fully functional or/and not intended for public use.

    1. Sponge
    A new Minecraft modding API combining the strengths of the server and client modding communities, a lot of people are involved (including sk89q, cpw, Spigot team, The Canary team, Glowstone(SpaceManiac) and a lot more).
    You can also install Pore plugin in Sponge to support Bukkit plugins.

    2. CanaryMod [​IMG]
    CanaryMod is the direct spiritual and code-wise successor of hMod.
    Currently stable and has a ton of great plugins to install.

    3. Glowstone
    Glowstone is a lightweight, from scratch, open source Minecraft server written in Java that supports plugins written for the Bukkit API.

    4. ServerForge
    ServerForge is a Forge based Bukkit alternative, allows you to install Forge mods like Cauldron.

    5. MCServer
    A custom Minecraft server written completely in C++. It's a fast, lightweight, and awesome replacement for Vanilla.

    6. Rush
    An open-source Netty 5 based Minecraft server in Java.

    7. IngotAPI
    IngotAPI is similar to Bukkit's API to try to smooth the transition for developers moving from Bukkit.

    8. StickyPiston
    StickyPiston is a new API for Minecraft, Pushing Minecraft servers to their limit.

    9. Rainbow
    A custom Minecraft 1.8 server .jar where all blocks and entities work.

    10. Wolf in a Bukkit
    Wolf in a bukkit is intended to be an lgpl replacement for the gpl bukkit, to allow programs as craftbukkit and spigot to continue to exist.

    11. Trident
    TridentSDK is the successor to the Bukkit/Spigot projects.

    12. Enderstone
    Enderstone tries to make an open-source Minecraft server with custom API without using Mojang's server code.

    13. Prismarine Standalone
    A small minecraft server that aims to do minimum required for a basic Minecraft server.

    14. Snowstorm

    A New Minecraft server software.

    15. GoldenApple
    A powerful Minecraft server software.

    16. Sink-MC
    A Minecraft Server Variant.

    17. Tripwire
    A Minecraft Server Software.

    18. Bitkit
    A creative suite for a Minecraft server.

    20. Bedrock
    Bedrock is a Minecraft Server whose goal is to fully emulate vanilla Minecraft.

    21. SkellyMC
    The modular minecraft server.

    22. Dandelion
    Dandelion is trying to create a Minecraft server platform aiming to be less laggy than Bukkit or Spigot.

    23. mcmd_prj
    A Minecraft server program made in C++.

    24. JungleTree
    Open Source, lightweight implementation of a Minecraft server .

    25. TBone
    A Bukkit alternative.

    26. Workbench
    A Minecraft server API.

    27. Mineserver
    Custom Minecraft server software written in C++.

    28. Rustymine
    Barebones Minecraft server in Rust.

    29. OverMC
    Minecraft server developed in nodejs.

    30. Mineqwaft
    A Minecraft server written in Lisp.

    31. CraftEmu
    An open source Minecraft server emulator.

    32. Granite
    Granite - A different interface for Minecraft 1.8+.

    33. N-API
    Modification Development Interface with Forge.

    34. Reflx
    Open source Minecraft server plugin API, and reflection based implementation.

    35. Stonebrick API
    A Minecraft plugin API (Forge and Standalone).

    36. MCPlusPlus
    Minecraft Server in C++.

    37. Cache
    Cache is a modular server for Minecraft written in C++ utilising Boost and SQLite.

    38. MCaap
    Minecraft basic server.

    39. PyServer
    A minecraft server written in python.

    40. Craft.Net
    Minecraft server, client, and etc for .NET.

    41. PrismarineMC
    A new server platform.

    42. Sandstone
    A new Minecraft server software.

    43. YARSS

    Yet Another Rather Simple Server (YARSS) is an open source project by Tim Vosch.

    44. MCAPI
    Flexible Minecraft server.

    45. MineSharp

    An unofficial minecraft server.

    46. MCPP
    Multi-threaded, event-driven Minecraft server in C++.

    47. RubyServer
    Best server software for Minecraft there is! Compatible with the Bukkit API!

    48. MineKit
    Minecraft Server software that can run Bukkit plugins.

    49. ProjectRails
    Rails is a server client for Minecraft, which can run plugins and many more modded features.

    50. Minecraft Ruby
    Runnable Server Clone.

    51. libMC.NET
    .NET Library for Minecraft.

    52. Minecraft Forge [​IMG]

    Modifications to the Minecraft base files to assist in compatibility between mods.

    Spigot is not dead

    Microsoft wont kill the dev community

    If you found new ones feel free to post it below!
    It is nice also to find alternatives to Bukkit that was kind of the only best choice, I see Sponge being successful and others also did a great job and keep on going!
    Don't forget to rate below, ratings are highly appreciated! :)
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  2. Sponge seems to be the one to go for.. it just stands out for some reason., I think its as im so used to seeing Spigot all the time :) and looking at your post and the spigot team are going to be behind it just makes it all the better..
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  3. I'm one of the devs for StickyPiston, it's been abandoned because of other projects :p Thanks for adding it though!
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  4. other projects.. liiiiiike sponge .. :p
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  5. brc


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  6. Is this the for sure end of spigot too? D: Also if any of those new API's would become usable, would bukkit plugins work with them? If not could they be easily edited to work with one, or would you need a whole new plugin D:
  7. Click here for all the info regarding plugins and such for Sponge.
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  8. I'd assume so, they're in the IRC:
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  9. no, no, no.. please.. no! I rather stay on the protocol hack then change. Lets just wait untill bukkit goes in progress again.
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  10. i9hdkill

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    I would guess the spigot team will maintain spigot (with patches) until sponge is "ready"
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  11. Using these alternative, do we have to rewrite all our server plugins?
  12. i9hdkill

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    yes. Because if one of these alternatives use the bukkit api it wouldn't be legit...
  13. GAHH
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  14. Could they maybe just be edited to fit? Also then wouldn't it require new knowledge of a dev to make plugins in an alternative, or will they feel pretty at home with it?
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  15. i9hdkill

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    Sponge will be the next "bukkit/spigot".
    No they can't just edit bukkit, because they can ran into the same issues next year, due to the license...
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  17. There alternative, could fork Bukkit (not CraftBukkit) to make server plugins compatible?
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  18. i9hdkill

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    No, it's against the law
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