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  1. I have started up a new server and am pretty much done with everythin externally what i need help with is finishing internally (Shop, Spawn addons) and anything else i can think of. Spawn looks amazing i had some custom builders build it, but i need help adding onto it. any help or suggestions would be amazing.
  2. Are you trying to recruit people here 0_0?
  3. Sorry for double posting, but this would probably go better in Rate My Server and just explain that ure looking for feedback.
  4. Oh sorry didnt see that forum category but yes im recruiting you just have to be willing to help
  5. Then thats in the services and recruitment section. U need to have some form of payment.
  6. Oh sorry but i see you config? can i have your skype or something because i would gladly pay you to help me fix problems and what not.
  7. latiku


    Uh, @zDrakon I think he's just looking for helpers & mods, not developers nor system admins.

    If I'm wrong, then I can assume he's looking for builders, and this post would be completely useless.
  8. oh i see... mk xD
  9. so i see you do config and stuff, can i have a way to contact you so if i need you to help me ill just send you a few bucks and you can take a look.
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    It doesn't matter who you contact but I do configuration too, just letting you know!
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  11. I do first time free, but sure email me at [email protected] or PM me here ;D