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Do you currently use an overclocked server, if you dont could your server benefit TPS wise if it did

  1. I currently use an overclocked server OR my server could benefit with the use of one

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  2. I don't use an overclocked server; I don't get high enough playercounts; My TPS is great already

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  1. Hello Spigot.
    Today I wanted to collect a quick survey on the topic of Overlocked servers.

    Overclocked servers utilize desktop grade CPUs that are capable of their base clock and multipliers being manually tuned up from the default stock speeds. Many people utilize intel K series CPUs to do so.

    As you may or may not know, Minecraft is a single physical threaded application, meaning it uses very little of the CPU that it has available. Because there is no real way to keep physical threads in sync with a game like Minecraft (Which is why developers haven't just created a work around). Because of this, Minecraft servers will always favor a super-fast single thread, instead of many slower threads.

    If you have many players on a single server, you may have noticed that TPS obviously starts to dip when you get into the high player counts. Although many times servers expand and add more servers via Bungeecord or Lilypad when a single server has too many players, servers often don't want to split up their community and are met by this feat. Because VERY few hosts offer these servers at risk for data loss, not many are able to take advantage of this. The hardware an effort it takes to build them also goes above the budget of many hosts that want to build them in the masses.

    Please vote on the poll if you currently use an over-clocked server, or if your server struggles with TPS issues at high player counts, and you could benefit from one.

    Remember these machines are NOT to get your server away from struggling from TPS issues at 80 players, that is just due to careless optimization. They're rather for servers that are ALREADY OPTIMIZED and want to squeeze 350-500 players on a single server at a playable TPS.

    Just trying to get an idea on the need for them in the community.

  2. If you manage your own machine this could be something to mess around with.
    But I'd always pick stability over performance, so don't push it. A slight overclock sounds good, but at it's limits it would only make me feel less safe if anything.
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  3. Cpus degrade over time which mean any server with decent overclock is more likely to crash and cause data loss, overall its generally just more worth it to optimize software rather than try and squeeze out an extra 10% with an overclock at the risk of stability.
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  4. I'd say it's more than 10% from my experience. The base clock of an i7 4790k is 4.0Ghz. I've been running that chip @ 4.7GHz in my colo server for the past 6 months and I've had no issues, and haven't made any adjustments since the initial overlock.

    As long as you keep the CPU nice and cool, you should be fine so long as you've proven the OC to be stable before you deploy it into a production server.
  5. Actually, voltage is what decreases the lifespan of a processor. The clock relative to the voltage also determines general stability, though.
  6. really doing this depends on the cooler so just have a overkill cooler and a low oc and call it a day with that. i would leave the volts alone and just adjust the clock so there is no degrading. but when it come to personal rigs i have a i7 3770k at 4.7Ghz with a core volt of 1.3 degrading i can careless about on this rig.
  7. Generally, if you leave the voltage on auto, the motherboard will supply much more voltage than necessary, resulting in unneeded extra power consumption and higher temperatures, which actually decreases overclocking stability.
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  8. i meant leaving the volts at stock and my personal rig is manual 1.3 core volts.