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  1. So my current pc is in the shop and I'm stuck with this. I have seen people overclock the processor up to 4.0ghz. I was wondering if my cooling would be able to handle that or maybe even 3.5ghz. One more thing, I am a beginner at overclocking and have never done it before. I was poking around and I saw that the BIOS menu where I would overclock it is locked. How would I unlock it?
  2. Sadly prebuilt computers usually have a locked down bios that won't let you overclock. Sometimes there is a different key combination or some other way of getting into the "advanced" bios settings, but i've only seen that on a couple of HPs. Any idea what the motherboard model is? I can't find any info online. I know they liked to use ECS boards.
  3. Those Penryn Core2Duo's are quite good at overclocking. I still have a E5200 that has been running somewhere around 3.5-3.8 ghz for years.

    Exactly what options in the menu are locked down? Just the clock multiplier? Because that is locked by Intel, except for in engineering samples or the K models in later CPU series.

    To overclock, you need to change the FSB, or front side bus, speed. You probably also need to change the FSB to memory multiplier, as your memory modules are very unlikely to overclock by an as bit percentage as your CPU. It's hard to say exactly what your BIOS setup screen look like, and the options i describe might very well be named otherwise. If you can't find it, take a screenshot (photo :)
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  4. That cpu is really overpriced, 4gb ram DDR2, and that processor, you will get 20-40fps on minecraft, maybe more with luck, maybe the price is based in the graphics card
  5. I'll look at it later to see what it is.
    Imgur is broke right now :(

    Yes, but overclocking can help that. Minecraft is very cpu intensive. In the end this is a backup pc. I don't need much.
  6. i mean, that you can get something better for that price ;)
  7. I know I could have. But I did not know how to build a computer or much about computers when I got this.