Bungee - Proxy OverflowLobby 1.3

Lightweight but extensive plugin to avoid lobby laggs

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    OverflowLobby - Lightweight but extensive plugin to avoid lobby laggs

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    Dont use this specifically, but its a great plugin. Nice job.
  3. Inspired by the Hive or did you come up with the idea by yourself? :)
  4. Actually i wrote the plugin for the server i work for because when some youtubers join the servers while a livestream, the lobby nearly crashes. But it's right that i saw something like an overflow lobby already on the hive before.
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  5. Yey... It's work...thank you :) Realy healpful plugin :D
  6. Can you add it if so the main lobby/fall-back server is offline it will still teleport them to the overflow lobby?
  7. Great plugin but it appears to have stopped working with the bungee 1.7 update.
  8. jeff142


    I love this plugin, but it has one downfall for me.

    If a lobby cant connect (it crashs) it dose not try the next lobby.

    This is a problem for me.

  9. It doesn't work anymore... why? Update it plz
  10. Doesn't work anymore, sad :(
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  11. Indeed he did. It works perfectly now. Thank you
  12. I have force_default_server set to false. Maybe you can add, when lobby1 is full, the players would be send to lobby2 and when some players want to connect to lobby2 and its full they will be send to lobby1? Is that possible? Because I need it for my server and sorry for my English. (Im German)
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  13. Replacement lobby you can add.
    If you run out of the lobby there opens.
  14. Lol porfin encontre un plugin q queria gracias