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Overwatch guide plugin! Made for the game with "Athena" and much more stuff!

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    OVERWATCH | Fan-Plugin [1.8 - 1.9] | [Athena] - Overwatch fan plugin! Made for the upcoming game with "Athena" and much more stuff!

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  2. Good question the idea behind it was a collection of user ideas for overwatch etc, but I will turn it in the future into a gamemode plugin with all 21 characters from overwatch and the gamemodes.
  3. And when do you expect to do this?
  4. This or next week.
  5. What game modes do you expect on making and are you going to be making all th 21 heroes and all the abilities they have?
  6. The start will just be a kit based pvp system with all 21 characters and their ultimate abilities. Let's say 3-5 characters each week.
  7. I really like the idea, that you created this. But if the bow could spam more often like a gun it would be cool and that would be a change for classes with guns from Overwatch. Anyways here are my suggestions? I hope u like the idea.

    Update for Classes:

    - D.Va should get another Bow with power III and punch I (act as her robot). (If u think it's too strong then u can just ignore this..)
    - D.Va needs an effect, maybe "Resistance I or II?"
    - Genji should really have another effect "Jump Boost II" since he likes hoping around.
    - Bastion should have a bow instead? I guess but a powerful one but his armor should be uh.. (Iron Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Iron Boots)
    - Make all the weapons "Unbreakable" if can.

    Classes Ideas:

    Weapon: Bow Enchantment: Power III
    Body Effect: none

    Weapon: Bow Enchantment: Power I
    Body Effect: Speed III

    PS. Sorry if the idea is kinda bad, I know bow would be very useless in minecraft but that's the only way that it came out from my mind and if there's any english error I'm sorry again. XD
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  8. I know what can keep spamming in minecraft! Snowballs! But no damage :l Well, I think I remember I saw a plugin that causes snowballs to damage players and mobs so yeah that's possible. What is my idea is that they get a infinite amount of snowballs on just the middle of the slot with "1 snowball" but keep getting refilled by the plugin. Hows that?! :pP or maybe we can make the bow shoots out snowball instead. Base on their charges to prevent too much snowballs like...

    Bow Charge 1: shoots out 3 snowballs.
    Bow Charge 2: shoots out 4 snowballs.
    Bow Charge 3: shoots out 5 snowballs.
    Bow Charge 4: shoots out 6 snowballs.

    Not so sure the bow can charge how many times but I'm predicting 4 charges from it. Again, I'm sorry if this is not possible or hard to code type of thing. I'm not a coder but I will try my best to give out ideas for this plugin. Keep up the good work! It's gonna be famous when it's done. XD
  9. Thanks for all your ideas I would be happy if you could post more if you have more :)
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    Balance Fixes + New Kits Update

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  11. I am trying to work on all of the characters and trying my best to nerfed or boost the character that is suitable for them. :D Although! I have suddenly though of an idea for Genji wall climb ability.
    Instead of giving him a Jump Boost II effect, I suggest changing it into like spider climbing on the wall in minecraft but with a limited height of 10 - 18 blocks. If can.
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  12. Aye! I found some issues and missing things.

    - When I press "Q" it duplicate the item. Here's a picture.
    - Bastion couldn't jump up on the block.
    - Still no Infinite unbreaking, maybe this could help if the code really needs it? I guess.. {Unbreakable:1}
    - No arrows for bow users.

    Updates & Ideas:
    - All bow users "bow" will have an "infinite" enchantment.
    - I think those with leather armors should give them dyes base on the Overwatch characters color. But here are the colors for the characters that are using leather armors..
    Leather Helmet: White
    Leather Leggings: Lime Green (if can put a little bit of white to make the lime green looks like almost white.)
    Leather Boots: White

    Leather Helmet: Blue
    Leather Chestplate: Lightblue
    Leather Leggings: Blue
    Leather Boots: Lightblue

    Leather Helmet: Orange
    Leather Leggings: Orange Yellow
    Leather Boots: White
    - Hanzo gets an effect "Speed I"


    Weapons: Iron Axe (if can give them a shocked effect for 2 secs after a few hits. Like make their screen go weird out just like some of the minigames from other servers.)
    Enchantments: Sharpness I
    Body Effects: Resistance II, Jump Boost I
    Armors: Iron Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Iron Leggings, Diamond Boots.

    Weapons: Bow
    Enchantments: Power IV, Infinite
    Body Effects: Strength I, Speed I, Jump Boost II
    Armors: Leather Helmet (Dark Purple), Gold Chestplate, Leather Leggings (Dark Grey), Leather Boots (Dark Grey)

    Since it's a KitPvP, she won't be healing other partners :)
    Weapons: Wooden Sword
    Enchantments: Sharpness II
    Body Effects: Regeneration I, Speed I
    Armors: Leather Helmet (White), Leather Chestplate (White), Leather Leggings (Dark Grey), Leather Boots (Dark Grey).

    That's all for today, still thinking for the others. :D
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  13. This looks really cool!

    Just one thing I noticed, you should change "A AI" to "An AI". ;)
  14. Thanks <3 Yeah a friend told it to me already, but yeah :D