Spigot OverWatch 1.0.1

All-round player management plugin.

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    OverWatch - All-round player management plugin.

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  2. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    Hmm, seems nice! I might look into using this for my server.
  3. I will add this very soon, thanks!
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  4. VerySlick very clean keep it up maybe add a customization to messages?
  5. Yep! This will be added soon.
  6. Very good plugin but not work

    # Do you want players to enter a captcha when they join the server?
    Captcha: false
    CaptchaLength: 5
    # Amount of seconds before being kicked if you don't enter the captcha.
    CaptchaKick: 10

    Server players join and give Captcha message
  7. Can you elaborate on what precisely is not working? I've had no problems with the CAPTCHA.
  8. When you set it to false CAPTCHA operation still in service
  9. Sorry, I was not aware of this issue. It will be fixed along with the lang.yml tonight.

    - Arjan
  10. Make MySQL ban the operation of the system and you can sell plugin. I support you ;)
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    Bug fixes and lang.yml

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  12. Possibly add /freeze with a custom message? Other than that, I love it this! :)
  13. To prevent the player from moving?
  14. Yep, they also can't use commands and chat.
  15. Expect it to happen in the upcoming updates.
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  16. If you like (or dislike) this plugin, please consider leaving a review. It motivates me a lot to keep updating and adding new features :)

    ~ Arjan
  17. It would be nice if you where able to change the prefix. Because i have a prefix set for all my plugins so they match. Will this be possible? Thanks ~Cashtag