OVH Age Requirement?

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  1. I have heard that OVH requires verification due to them manually checking payments via PayPal. I'm unsure if there is an age requirement for purchasing servers with them, if anyone has some in-sight with this that'd be great.
  2. 18+ for certain verification things unless you use your parents papers.
  3. When I signed up for my kimsufi server, it required no verification. I think this is because their anti-fraud system thought it was fine. Just a recommendation, if you go with OVH, make sure to input all your information quickly. Also, try not to put invalid information. Their fraud detection is very good.
  4. you have to be 18 +
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  5. I guess if you get lucky their fraud detection system won't think you are a potential fraudster & it wont ask for verification. I think if you use a bank card its less likely to ask for identification.

    I bought a dedi from SoYouStart. It didn't ask me for any verification. However couple of months earlier I had to provide info before buying my 1gb VPS from OVH. So I don't know if that effected it or not.
  6. You're able to use a debit card for verification now, which in the UK at least, is avaliale to anyone over 13 at most banks.
  7. Oh, you sure?

    Like 4 months ago I got out a VPS with a card it asked me for verification.
  8. I know across various websites they will ask for vertification only if you put a home address that is way off from your ips location.