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  1. Hey, just found out OVH brought servers to AUS. The plan they offer is extremely cheap compared to everyone else in the country. Can someone tell me if this is suitable for a minecraft server? SSD option.
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    They're probably the cheapest bet if you want dedicated.
    Keep in mind that some servers may use more than 3tb month in which case you need an extra $123 for the unlimited port.
    Also remember their prices are in USD not AUD.
  3. Thanks for the reply, It's a smallish server at the moment so i'll keep that in mind if I need to upgrade.

    Yeah gotcha, still cheaper by a long shot here in AUS. Cheers!
  4. Keep in mind your playerbase. From my experience, advertising mainly brings us based players, because of that, that's where my server is located. Unless you somehow expect to only bring aus players, I'd go for an american location.
  5. "(1) Transfer reduced to 10 Mbps from 3 TB/month."
    Could anyone explain this in short?
    Are they saying, if you pass 3TB, you will be switched to a 10mbit port?
  6. Yeah, trying to work that out too..
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    Yes, it's pretty clear :p

    If you surpass 3TB bandwidth in your billing cycle period (month), your server port will be changed from 1Gbps to 10Mbps. If that happens you need to upgrade to the 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth option for $123/m extra.

    The servers in Sydney work excellent. I've had one since they were delivered and I've had no problems. Routing in the region is pretty good too now since they've worked out the issues that come with a new location.
  8. Ah thanks for the reply! How big do you think he server would have to be for the unlimited bandwidth option?
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    Nobody can answer that really, depends on your plugins, how much your world is explored, etc.

    A rough guesstimate would be 2.1GB per day per player, assuming they play 6 hours a day. So 63GB bandwidth per month per player. 40 players playing 6 hours a day at that estimate is 2,520GB (2.52TB) per month in bandwidth. This is in no way accurate, just going off info I've checked online and some guesses by looking at bandwidth graphs on some of my shared servers.. but those can't be compared to a single persons server setup.
  10. Ah, Yeah i understand. Thanks!