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    Currently I am under a decent amount of random DDOS attacks, and looking into a solution.
    Since I run Bungeecord I figured this might be an idea worth doing, I believe a few others do this too.

    I have the E3 plan from OVH, which is under attack. If I were to get the KS1 (i3) plan and have that protected by Javapipe for example.
    Is it possible to basically disconnect my E3 from the outside and only accessible internally?
    If this is something iptables can do then great, if not would OVH be able to assist with this?

    Javapipe --> i3 --> E3
    (i3 hosting bungeecord)
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  2. LiLChris I think you would have to speak to OVH about having it only connected to a different server in the building.
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    I know, just hoping to see if anyone else has tried it. ;)
  4. Oh right :p Well I'm sure it would be possible... :) Have you weighed up the option of just moving to a ddos protected host? Or is the i3 a cheaper option..
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    I do not mind moving, its just the fact I would be loosing 2 weeks of OVH hosting, and I have yet to find a decently priced host for the hardware I am paying for. Since they will just continue to DDOS this box if I bother putting anything on it.

    Moving to a DDOS protected host is going to be at least $175 for the same specs I am currently using to the fullest.
    The i3 + (protection) will be around $100, and will offer me a 2nd box to host something while both being protected.

    The closest configuration I got for a price we can afford was Securedservers I think.

    I am open to ideas though. :)
  6. Interesting. I read one time about someone having multiple sub-domains pointing to one server, which protected it from DDoS. Not sure how to do that, or if that is how they were doing it or not. But it was effective!