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  1. Hello I have OVH Classic 4 package, and I am trying to upload my map and configs because they are already done to the server, but I cant figure out how to. The server runs unbuntu 14.04. Whenever I try to connect with ftp because I have vsftpd installed I cannot. I also have xinetd installed. Can someone please help me. Message me or post in this forum if you can help. Thx
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    Use filezilla!

    I'm only attuned to that, as I think vsftpd is not that simple. I don't know if there is an option in vsftpd but look for "Use SFTP" instead of "FTP". That is what you use in FileZilla anyways, not sure if it's different.
  3. vsftpd is for the server to be able to get ftp files
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    Sorry, I guess I misunderstood. Uh, have you tried google? I mean, with what you said there isn't much to go off of.
  5. OVH already has an SFTP set up~ just connect with your credentials through filezilla.
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    Do what he said and remember in "Site Manager" to change the protocol to this


    You can save connections too, like I said a lot simpler :D
  7. That helped so much thx, but i dont use filezilla i prefer cyberduck
  8. Welcome xD As long as the connection is sftp it will work, I used to use their VPS until they made me verify and my parents thought it was a scam
  9. I didnt have to verify when I bought it, and I was waiting for a while, and even sent in a ticket about me not getting the verification email, but I didnt have to verify, prob cause I used a verified paypal