OVH GAME Debian firewall?

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  1. Hello so I just installed everything on my OVH
    Everything's working I got a
    Debian 10 (Buster)
    Minecraft server
    But I haven't got a firewall is it really needed? if so how can I list all the ports that can be allowed or should be that I already am using. Thanks!
  2. Tux


    You absolutely should enable a firewall to enhance your server's security.

    At minimum, you should block all ports aside from your SSH port (usually 22 unless you changed it), your HTTP/HTTPS port (for your panel, typically port 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS), and your Minecraft port (usually 25565).
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  4. Would this work?
    Make my servers use <- ip aside from bungee
    which will use ipv4?
    only open 25565 - 80 - 443 8080 - 2022(panel pterodactyl)
    Should I open 3306 so my admins can access my database through phpmyadmin?
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  5. If security is a concern, uninstall phpmyadmin, as it’s riddled with security related exploits. Anyway, why would your admins need access to the database?
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