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  1. Anyone know how to cancel an order with OVH?
  2. latiku


    did you already pay the order? if not, it'd expire after 24 hours.
  3. I paid for the VPS, but have heard horrible reviews and really don't want to go through that or the 1-2 week wait for the verification, so is there maybe a way to cancel it?
  4. I'm assuming it paid because it took $13.49 and it's processing.
  5. Con
    contact the suoport
  6. Ticket or call them?
  7. electronicboy

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    calling is generally faster;

    and OVH are fine, all providers have issues over time, it's impossible to guarantee 100% uptime, it's just OVH generally get it worse because they don't offer support for the software and generally people complain because OVH won't install all the stuff they need on there, or due to their own fault, e.g. I deleted my OS, wat do I do?
    1. Why do you first order something, then read reviews?
    2. Why cancel a server you already paid for?
    3. Why not find out yourself about OVH? I have 9 servers running at OVH for a development envirenment and I have not had a single complaint about OVH. I absolutely love them; very cheap, servers never go down, I have not had a DDoS attack yet but they do allow firewall settings, and they allow permanent mitigation. Have you found permanent mitigation on any other host? I'd love to hear it.
    Don't complain about something without doing proper research. You find bad reviews everywhere, wether its good or not. OVH really is NOT bad, I love it so far.
  8. Out of all the host I have dabbled with OVH has some of the best boxes I have ever used as well as the best DDOS protection at the same time, While I wouldn't recommend a VPS I use the MC-64-OC myself and have been loving every moment of it. It only depends on if you want to shell out 125-140 a month. And there are always cheaper options in there game range.
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    I use OVH for my whole server network. I have never had an issue with them.
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