OVH Hosting, anyone's server just go down/Manager Slow?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by beyonddead, May 28, 2015.

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  1. My server just went down randomly, on dedicated server. Was wondering if anyone else on OVH has this problem.

    EDIT: Support just responded to me:

  2. I am unable to connect to my dedi as well.
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  3. Off here too!
    Translated from French:
    We currently have 10 links between Montreal and Beauharnois down.

    Traffic flows through the Newark links <> Beauharnois. We contact our fiber supplier to find the problem.

    We suspect a fiber cut.
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  4. Mine has been down for about 20 minutes as of now...
  5. Hey guys, just an update, looks like they're running a maintenance on a lot of servers.

    Also, check this link out:
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  6. My server went down and I thought it was my fault because I was messing with plugins, turns out that like 1/2 of the servers on my server list are offline right now. This must be why, lol.

    RIP minecraft multiplayer...
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  7. Hmm, actually my server and another server hosted by OVH that I use gotten back up within 20 minutes of it being down. Possibly there's a queue for it.
  8. Found out on the OVH forums that this is also occurring on the Kimsufi line of servers too.
  9. My VPS is back up as well, the solution being used is temporary, they still have to fix the fibre lines.
  10. Both my servers (KS-3 in france, SAT-3 in BHS) are doing fine.
  11. This completely proves that MCProHosting uses OVH.
  12. mcprohosting uses pheonixnab not ovh
  13. My servers also went down I have a total of 3 in bhs and 2 of em are down.
  14. Does pheonixnab use OVH too?! It's all just a big circle D:
  15. JamesJ


    No lol.
    PNAP have their own DC -.-

    Also, a car struck their fibre cables, AFAIK they're working on it now.
  16. Bisecthosting is down aswell, they said there was a car crash
  17. Yep some dick head went and crashed into a pole. How inconsiderate of them.
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  18. JamesJ


    How inconsiderate of you more like.
    For all you know, that person could be severely injured and in hospital right now.
    Accidents do happen you know?
    You're not the only one on this planet -.-
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  19. My Kimsufi server is down too, been down for about half an hour now.
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