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  1. HI I am looking to start a mc server using ovh

    The second vps..

    I would like to know how to setup a mc server on a vps link to a tutorial would be great and other recommendations would be nice thnx

    Thnx Alden

    PS do I need a control panel?
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    If you don't know how to use Linux you shouldn't get an OVH VPS, because in one week we will see a thread here saying "OVH support sucks".

    I have a page here on how to setup Spigot/BT on CentOS 6 but I haven't read it since I made it so it may not be perfect.
  3. @MikeA is centos6 the only os out there or are there more easy / better ones?
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  4. I'd recommend Ubuntu.
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  5. The fact that you haven't even tried Googling or even done your research in the slightest demeans all server owners.
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  6. If you aren't familiar with using command line Linux, it would probably be best if you went with a shared Minecraft host for the moment. Once you feel confident enough with Linux, you could then move your server to a VPS.
  7. When I got my dedicated server I had no idea what to do, how to start. Use Google. Trust me, Google has most of the answers.
  8. Could you recommend some hosts?
    That are cheap and bang for buck
  10. You could take a look at the link in my signature, we're currently running a 40% off for life sale with promo code SUMMER40
    Maybe look at ExtraVM too.

  11. I don't see your signature can u send me link on private message
  12. Omg, just stop. You're making this worse.