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┬┐Is a good plan for my server?

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  1. Im looking for a new hosting and i see really cheap vps on OVH hosting.

    14$ Vps with 8gb of ram and 2 vCore(s) at 2 GHz.

    Here the link for more information and below.

    VPS SSD 3
    • OpenStack KVM
    • 2 vCore(s)
    • From 2GHz
    • 8GB RAM
    • 80GB SSD (NEW)
    • Local Raid
    • Public: 100Mbps
    • SLA: 99.9%
    This looks like a good vps for start to make a server? Im specting to have around 19 - 20Tps with 25 - 50 players and 30 - 45 plugins. (I have an really good community around me).

    Leave me your recommendations and say you think about the one I've stopped from ovh.

    Really thanks for reading and i am waiting your answers.
    (Maybe my english is not perffect, so sorry if this is the case.)
  2. Minecraft is single threaded, meaning that it benefits from having a high clock speed, not a high core count. In OVH's VPS lineup, the CPUs have low clock speeds, and therefore won't perform well for Minecraft. Instead, I'd recommend going for ExtraVM.
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  3. The vps's on ExtraVM is a bit expensive for the money I have monthly, the minecraft hosting opcion inside ExtraVM is a good option too?

    Thanks for Answer.
  4. If you don't need a VPS, just go for shared hosting (minecraft hosting). ExtraVM's shared hosting runs on the same / similar hardware as their VPSs, so yeah it's a good choice
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  5. Thank you for your recommendation, I will wait for more people to answer this question and then I will compare price and hardware.
  6. DanielNaaman


    Honestly, VPS servers from most providers will have weak CPU cores which aren't a good fit for a Minecraft Server, what I suggest is going for a Minecraft Server Hosting Company and buying a Minecraft Server Hosting Plan from them, it will come with a panel and everything you need to get started. I don't have recommendations to post since I haven't looked up these stuff for decades. Surely, someone will be able to help you find one or you can lookup one by yourself.

    Hope I helped, quote me if you require further assistance from me.
  7. As far as I know the plan you picked isn't available yet and as the above user mentioned for minecraft servers it's better to have more ghz than core count (if you host multiple server, e.g: you are using bungecoord, then of course you will need more cores).
  8. I really do not need the vps, I just chose it for the convenience of having putty to see the console and that kind of thing, but it is a single survival server, with "many" plugins but only one server, No Bungee.

    Thanks both for anwser.