[OVH] Is 64GB possible for a network?

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  1. Greetings. I would like to know if the following specifications is good to host a network and if 64GB would work on one dedicated server:

    Intel i7-7700K
    4c/8t - 4.2GHz /4.5GHz
    64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    SoftRAID 2x450GB NVMe
    250 Mbps bandwidth
    vRack: not included

    Also, there is the OC version, what is your opinion on these specifications?
    A lot of planning is going in this network, and it wouldn't be hosted until a few months.
  2. It's an excellent machine to host a fairly large network on. Though, there are plenty of other alternatives which should also do the job. OVH also offers a server called the SP-32, which is what I personally use (I have the NVMe SSD option). It's a fair amount cheaper and it's still 3.8 - 4.2 GHz, which is more than plenty for an optimized Minecraft server.

    Though if you want us to give a more in depth review of that machine, we'd have to know more about what kind of server you plan on making and if you have any expectations for the amount of players you want to host on it.

    It's the same price as the normal one but it's faster, easy decision right? :p
  3. No, the OC costs €15 exc vat more then the non OC'd.

    I'd rather go for the non OC since you won't notice the different that much
  4. Oh, it seems like the prices in that server list are different from the home page screen;


    But yes, in that case going with the regular one is more than fine. As mentioned earlier, I use an SP-32 with 3.8 to 4.2 GHz (was hitting 3.8 last time I tested) which has been suiting me fine since my server is as optimized as can get.
  5. 64gb memory and then 250mbit internet connection.

    You're in for a ride.

    Don't waste your money: spread your load over multiple cheaper hosts.

    small servers can be 1gb 1gb
    bigger busy servers can be 1gb 3gb
    super busy stuff can be 3gb 4gb if needed, like loads of mini games and loads of users, and 50+ plugins, etc.

    and they can all be on their own 1gbit up/down ddos protected connection.

    you will save so much money rather than getting 1x 64gb server and then having 250mbit bandwidth and 1 poor performing tps grinder taking down the whole network
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  6. Or multiple cheaper dedis with soyoustart or kimsufi for less demanding gamemodes
    Having multiple unprotected servers on a various hosts is a big no no when it comes to security