OVH now has Ryzen dedicated servers

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  1. Thought I'd make this post to let everyone know that today OVH released their revamped game lineup with Ryzen 3600X and 3800X CPUs:

    The new GAME-1 server with a Ryzen 5 3600X CPU is available for $133/mo ($119 setup) with 32GB RAM, or for $156/mo for 64GB RAM. The server comes with 2x500gb NVMe drives (configurable), a 1gbps connection, and is available in:
    • Canada
    • France (GRA & SBG)
    • Germany (Frankfurt)
    • UK (London)
    • Poland
    The GAME-2 server comes with a Ryzen 7 3800X CPU, 2x1tb NVMe drives (configurable), a 1gbps connection and 64GB RAM for $192/mo ($148 setup). A 128GB RAM version will be available in the future but is currently unavailable. The GAME-2 server is currently only available in France (SBG), however, we can expect both servers to be available in all datacentres in the future, hopefully Vint Hill soon.

    This is great news, as these are 2 of the highest performing CPUs for Minecraft servers, finally bringing competition in the AMD server market to both the US (ReliableSite was previously one of the only big providers), and Europe (Hetzner was the only big Ryzen provider). We should see some hosts adopting these CPUs soon, making them easily accessible for all.
  2. hold up, there's an OVH discord server? pass me an invite
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  3. There is not, just an OVH rep is in LET
  4. LET?
  5. LowEndTalk - it's not Minecraft related in the slightest
  6. The 2288G and 3800X are very similar in performance, I've seen benchmarks showing that the 3800X can outperform the 2288G by quite a bit in multithreaded workloads even.

    OVH will be rolling out the 2 new GAME servers to all datacentres first over the next few weeks, we'll see if they drop a 3900X/3950X server after that but there was no mention of it. I think what's more likely is that they incorporate the brand new Threadrippers into another lineup first, perhaps INFRA, since they already have an EPYC chip for INFRA-3
  7. I currently use an intel core i7-8700k 64GB ram and 2TB SSD and windows server 2016 for £149.20 a month. Do you think this would be a way better deal and much better performance? Currently, 1.15 is laggy and just ugh.
  8. It won't make much of a difference since the 8700K performs quite good already. You'd probably be better off installing a proper server OS for a slight performance improvement.
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  9. Yeah, a headless Linux distribution would definitely provide better performance.
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  10. To be honest I find OVH pretty expensive on these things. Apart from the DDoS protection and specifiek game options. But the machine itself, overall OVH is a pretty solid hosting provider, but some prices are ridiculous for what you get (Including support, which sometimes takes 5 days to respond)...

    85 euros alone for a 3600X and 32GB of RAM. You can find somewhere cheaper, but with less extra options of course.
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  11. You pay for what you get. If you want fast support, it'll cost you a pretty penny
  12. Yeah but for 85 euro's and 5 days waiting on support is pretty bad. Hetzner offers the same servers for 45 - 60 euros and even respond to tickets within a day. So how come pay for what you get? It is also the arrogance of the company :)
  13. Hetzner support isn't great either. Some issues that I've had with them / friends have had with them:
    • Hetzner changed my friend's login details to his abuse email, meaning he couldn't login to his account to pay for his servers. Hetzner told him that they couldn't do anything about it, and he'd have to pay by bank transfer - which would be fine but they said that they'd need to post him their details, which would cost him 60 euros, and take 30 days, by which time his servers would've expired and his services would go offline. They only took him seriously when he tweeted at them from his twitter brand account.
    • Rejected my friend's perfectly valid passport when creating an account, photo was clear. He made a new account and submitted the same photo, which they accepted.
    • Once I requested a KVM switch, which the technician didn't attach. After 3 hours of waiting, they went and took a second look and hooked it up properly
    Taking a day to respond to tickets isn't great either. Recently I've had Vultr consistently give me replies in <10 minutes. For an issue that took 6 messages from me, that means it was sorted in an hour. On Hetzner with a 1 day response time? That'd take almost a week.
  14. Well then we have completely different experiences with Hetzner, as I had a great experience when I hosted with them.
    Now I colocate my own server in a datacenter in AMS for about 40 euro's a month
  15. Yeah, maybe good for other game types, but probably not for Minecraft?

    Don't forget that there are other Game servers out there !
    (As well as even more Web servers)
  16. Not game related at all really - just VPS / dedicated & web

    Exists as a forum for LowEndBox where providers can talk to each other, and users can ask questions about providers