OVH now offers an amazing CPU for minecraft?!

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ToonBasic, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. Oh my... R.I.P. all other server hosts.
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  2. A 127(0|1)v3 would be nice
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  3. True but be glad ovh is actually offering something good for minecraft :)
  4. What is up with these forums and OVH...
  5. It's a budget host, most people here can't afford quality providers
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  6. MikeA

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    They got it a couple years late. You can get the same server with SSDs (which they don't offer as an option) for basically the same price (since OVH has a setup fee of $129.00 USD (or $+28.00/m = $124.00/m)) with almost any unmanaged host if you work the price down.
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  7. Oh... I thought this was an amazing add on guess not
  8. RSNET-Radic


    The E3 V4 CPUs just got released and the E3 V5s will be out in the new few months. With the setup fee, I can't say it's an amazing deal. It's a great deal if you can hold out 9+ months.
  9. Wow. It's really affordable.:)
  10. joehot200


    Then why do they want the biggest and the best?

    I have a server with ReliableSite right now which isn't too high-end, and could possibly take 200 people on a single server. More to the point, it's cheaper than my OVH server.

    And if I had 200 people, I would surely have the money to buy a server that was not from a budget host.
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  11. That's correct. For startups who are on a tight budget, they may not be able to afford a E3 1270v3 at Reliablesite, or a higher quality provider right away. Therefore OVH provides adequate hardware at an affordable price for those startups. As they grow they can upgrade to higher end providers as needed.