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    I'm looking to get a new server, and have been using RSnet for a long time. However OVH has a lower price for more. Has anyone here used OVH on their MC32 which is the i6700k?

    For OVH they have 32GB DDR4 RAM with a 2x 480GB SSD softraid for $89.99.

    The RSnet server I can get is also an i6700k with a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM for $102.

    I only need ~12GB of RAM, I'm just wondering the quality that OVH has been lately, and on the MC32 setup.

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    Reviews for that look bad :(
  3. OVH is no where in comparison to RSNET. You get better support with RSNet and the network is 10x better. Would not switch.
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  4. SoYouStart is OVH & it's fine.
  5. I've had multiple machines with SoYouStart for about 3 years and have had very little downtime and few issues in general.

    One drawback is that the SoYouStart GameServers only have one SSD and thus no redundancy. So make sure to make frequent backups to another machine. I know not everybody take this as seriously, but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
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  6. No, the SoYouStart gamebranch is now 1333MHz DDR3 memory which is definitely not optimal for MC.
  7. Thought he was talking about SoYouStart, not the server itself.
  8. SoYouStart is OVH's daughter company. They all run their servers in the same datacenters. If SYS has bad reviews, it's on OVH's head.

    But, RSNET is 10x better as someone said above, go with RSNET.
  9. is RSNet
  10. Honestly, I'm looking at the RSNet website right now and the prices are crazy high, for outdated hardware. I have been running a 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 2 x 450GB SSD + 2 x 2TB HDD on OVH for a while now (<130€/month), and I have no problems whatsoever (actually, I've had no downtime since I first booted the system).

    Another service I can recommend is I have a dedicated server with them too (although a smaller one).
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    I have dozens of i7's throughout their brands, can't get better for the price for an unmanaged server. Most recent one was yesterday, had an issue and had to get the motherboard replaced, was done an hour or two after I ticketed and everything is fine now.

    RSNet doesn't try to beat OVH prices now, no company does really. If you want more RAM go with OVH, but if you want (possibly) the ability to customize the hardware you use or prefer different locations go with another company. Others are more expensive, but they're not the size OVH is and new server hardware is not cheap.

    Also you should just get the SoYouStart brand i7, you can get one with 16GB RAM at like half the price of the OVH one.
  12. You can't compare ReliableSite with OVH/SYS in terms of how they have the ability to make cheaper prices.
  13. Would recommend RSNet over any host. Have had a few servers with RS for about a year now and have had no issues with them.
    RS Have price matched OVH configurations for me in the past - If you contact them (to price match that configuration) or look around, you can get discounts.
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