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  1. I'm new to minecraft hosting and I see u guys say ovh is good. But I dunno which host I should use
  2. OVH is good for if you know how to use commands on Linux and want more power over your server.

    Use shared if you'd rather have this "power" in someone professional's hands.
  3. OVH is about 5 times cheaper that most minecraft shared hosts, but they will not give you support - they just give you a blank server with the expectation that you know what to do with it, which includes installing an OS, java, ect (they do give a list of default OSes, i believe).

    You also get total control over your server, and can run other stuff (a website or shop, for example) on the same server.
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    It's not too hard to setup Spigot/BungeeCord on an OVH VPS. If you do end up getting one, choose Ubuntu 14.04. And if you need any help, flick me a pm and I should be able to sort it out/set it up for you, for free.

    And if you want to test your ping to the US datacenter, (my teamspeak server is hosted on one) you are welcome to. If you are on Windows, just open up command line and type, on mac, use terminal.

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  5. Dedicated servers are great for hosting. However in my experience their VPSes aren't so great. My Minecraft server is currently hosted on a shared host, and performs better than on the OVH VPS.
  6. It really depends on your budget. How much are you willing to spend per month?
    Also do you have any experience with Linux?
  7. I have no experience in Linux but I have someone that do and my budget is 40-50$

    Thank you all for the information

    Well I don't think I'll to good with ovh but I dunno any good host I saw omgserv and scalacube is good
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  8. Honestly, there are many other threads on this topic it's hard not to find one.

    As for my setup, I do use a VPS SSD3 with OVH but it actually runs 20 TPS almost all the time. I chose CentOS 6 as my OS.
  9. Well I might want to switch host very often
  10. Well if I do use ovh I'm gonna need a lot of help from my bro so ...
  11. I think I'm gonna try bisect hosting

    Or if u guys have a better host

    I might use shockbyte too idk
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  12. If you are looking into buying a VPS or dedicated server take a look at AMP Instance Manager ,its basically McMyAdmin v3 which is a very nice control panel for servers.
  13. Thank you so much guys I'll take time looking into the host