OVH Post your Plan

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  1. It is in the title. I am not stalking you or anything I am just curious what plan do you run?
  2. I have the KS2 plan, although I don't see the point of this thread.
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  3. I am starting a server and seeing what people use and how large there playerbase is and the lagginess.
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    First server specs:
    System/Os: Windows Server 2008 Web Edition 64 Bit
    Ram: 8gb
    Processor: Intel i3 clocked at 3.4GHz
    Network Port: 100Mbps
    Used for my own web server.

    Second, Thrid and Forth have the same specs:
    System/Os: Centos 6.4 64 Bit
    Ram: 32gb
    Processor: Intel E3-1245v2 clocked at 3.4GHz
    Network Port: 200Mbps
  5. That answer will widely vary from person to person. "Lag" depends on a lot of factors, and not just on your hardware (although it is a big one). You have to take things like amount of worlds, plugins, and more, into consideration.