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  1. Yet another ovh review so I have been using a ovh dedi for awhile now I have had almost no performance issues haven't experienced any downtime due to something caused by them I overall suggest you use them if you are willing to get your support over the phone because sending in a ticket and getting a quick response is like winning the lottery
  2. Damn, I was hoping to bring another OVH hater aboard our ship...
  3. Whats wrong with OVH...?
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  4. I'm in the process of writing a full dedicated server / DDoS mitigation review of many of the popular brands of these forums from a neutral, networking, price, and feature standpoint.
  5. Really?
  6. Dude u already have
  7. They declared war I deleted my Email linked toy ovh account accident I sent them all the accounts info they wouldn't reset it without 'GoverMent" Id like your not the white house
  8. Well obviously they would want some form of legal identification..
  9. Yea I gave them it... But appreantly a cc isn't good enough for them...
  10. A credit card is not identification.

    And you hate the company now because you screwed up and they want to verify it is really YOU trying to get into your server? Hold on, let me see how much you'd bitch if I claimed the same thing and they let me in to do whatever I wanted with your server just because I sent in a non-identifying credit card...

    Prove you are who you say you are (the customer who paid for the server) and they will happily give you access.


    Oh, really...

    :rolleyes: You can't claim both things.


    OVH is not the best by any means, but they certainly are the best value in their price range. They're a happy medium between price, network performance, server performance, and stability, but not the best at any of them.
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  11. ovh's support may not be very good, but they offer cheap prices and great cpu
  12. Yea cuz they want my passport for proof of user no u won't be having my passport I sent them my care card
  13. That. is. not. an. ID!

    Again: You want your servers secure, requiring identification to get into if you lost your access, or do you want Mr Social Engineer who calls up claiming they lost access to YOUR server, be given access without proper identification? You want security? DEAL WITH IT and don't go and lose your info then act like it is their fault!

    They are asking for a passport or other government issued ID so they can be sure they aren't giving access to your server to some random person CLAIMING to be you. And it is entirely YOUR fault that you lost access in the first place.

    They are a reputable company and you don't have any reason to be suspicious of them, whereas they have TONS of reasons to be suspicious of someone calling up to claim they "lost access" to "their" server.
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  14. Pros of OVH:
    - Cheap
    - DDoS Protection (Decent)
    - Multiple server options

    Cons of OVH:
    - At times slow
    - Some not too bright staff
    - Long staff response time

    There is more, but I'm lazy.