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    Before you read this; no, I have never been a big fan of OVH after what they did to me, but here I am sharing this news for all the greedy server owners. Besides, OVH seems to finally be improving and I actually have a server to try them out once again.

    This is not intended as advertisement, but more as a quick overview on saving quite a bit of money.
    After their new RELOADED server line, they have now updated their SP line as well. If you were on a KS-16G like myself, take the chance to upgrade to the E3-1245v2, as they're the same price right now.

    As far as known, this is only for the european datacenters.

    Xeon E3 -1245v2:
    32GB RAM
    2x2TB HDDs
    200Mbps guaranteed bandwidth
    £32.99 excl. VAT/month

    Xeon E3 -1245v2 SSD:
    32GB RAM
    2x120GB SSDs
    200Mbps guaranteed bandwidth
    £49.99 excl. VAT/month

    Xeon W3520:
    32GB RAM
    LSI MegaRAID 9271 Cache 1 GB DDR3 RAID Hard 0/1
    2x2TB HDDs
    200Mbps guaranteed bandwidth
    £59.99 excl. VAT/month.

    Hopefully this post will save you money or increases the hardware for basically free (KS R-16G to E3-1245v2). Again, this is not intended as advertisement!

    Tagging joehot200 as he has a E3-1245v2 (?).
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  2. This isn't for BHS, European servers only :( Hopefully this offer also comes to BHS since I have the KS-16G right now and would love to get an upgrade
  3. Forgot to mention that, have updated the main post. Thanks for notifying, I'll browse through the french post and see if this will come to BHS.

    EDIT: Can't find anything about it, but judging that the reloaded range is available in BHS this might be available in BHS soon. Do note that the KS R-16G in BHS has a different processor than in the EU.
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  4. Doesn't seem to be US either. So if I order from the US, I get a dedi in the UK?
  5. BHS is the US datacenter. Even if you order from the US sites, the 'new' range isn't available (yet) on the US site.
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    I have seen the reloaded on the US site for the last 2-3 weeks, but it's not consistent in price.
    Think they are just showing it for a bit just to see if the price range is right and adjusting it.

    Here is a screenshot, not sure why it only shows half the time.

    Example the EG2 sometimes as reloaded goes to 169 (old price) sometimes it jumps to 199 (screenshot).
  7. Might have somethin to do with availability between US and EU, but not sure... Or that they still have a few old ones available they try to sell?
  8. Bummer. Those UK prices in GBP converted to USD were looking really good. BHS (US) prices are fine, but not as amazing as the UK prices, at least right now.
  9. BHS prices were already cheaper than EU, but I hope to see US as well.
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    BHS is not a US datacenter, is located in Canada....
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  12. Oh ffs. I just brought another SP32SSD yesterday, going to contact support to see if i can get a refund
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    Its i think canada is part of north-america -.- and i think what they mean by USA is... idk? possibly network route areas?
  14. Right... You may ignore my earlier posts about the SP being cheaper, the Kimsufi range has been updated as well now. Do note you can only have one IP per server with the Kimsufi range!
  15. I just got me 2 of the 2GBs earlier this morning. £3 for a server a month is f'ing crazy. Also 16gb with an I5 for £20/month is just... Unbelievable.

    But i'm a little disappointed that they haven't got the servers ready for deployment yet, its been over 12 hours now.
  16. Yeah, seems like they're going insane... lol. I might get one of the 2Gs as well.
  17. Looks like i'm going insane too, i now have 8 OVH dedis to my name....
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  18. joehot200


    f***ing hell. £32 for the same if not better.

    Im going to pop them a ticket about it, see if there is any drawbacks.
    £32 for the same as i haven now.. but double the bandwith... its unbelieveable!

    Im gonna ask OVH if i can get a discount on my currently owned dedi, if not, i will switch.
  19. How many players would the 2g handle? Do you think it could do 30? I'm probably buying one or two of those.. Just so cheap :cool: and i aint got much money now
  20. joehot200


    1.5G RAM held 70 players for me. 2G RAM could probably hold 100 or 120 at max.

    Obviously it depends on the CPU.
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