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  1. So, it's my third (wow) review here.
    After moving away from MCPH (yay!) about a month ago, I went ahead and got an OVH SSD VPS 2016 3, and here's my experiences with it after a month. For the record, I'm not going to complain about server crashes, or other issues that are my fault, just purely the VPS.

    Before going into the review, here's the specs in case you didn't know:
    CPU: Intel Zeon E5v3 @ 2.4 GHz, 2 vCores
    RAM: 8 GB
    SSD: 40 GB SSD in a Local RAID 10
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbps - Unlimited traffic 10 TB if you read the ToS carefully (like I did :cool:)

    So, here's the review. Same format as every other review.
    Final rating: 9.3/10
    Ease of Use: 9/10
    Performance: 9.8/10
    Support: 10/10
    Uptime: 10/10
    Protection: 7/10
    Affordability: 10/10

    OVH's Manager is pretty easy to use, but does have a learning curve to it. In the general scope of things, in the first few hours, you'll probably get confused on the manager, SSH, and lots of other things. But in the end, it's not the largest learning curve, and once you learn how it all works, it's pretty easy to use. Linux also has a learning curve, but just note, Google is always your friend. Except autopay. That somehow doesn't work for me. :(

    Considering the price, the VPS does a great job performing really well. Everything is really zippy on the VPS, apt is fast, installing stuff is fast, everything is nice and fast, including my servers. So in general, it's fast.

    OVH has a damn good support system in place. You can email them, tweet them, send in support tickets, or call them. Plus, the support is 24/7! I actually did call them at 1am, and the support was just as good as every other time I've called them or sent in a ticket. Their support has been able to help fix my stupid issues, and answer any questions I have, all really well. While they can't touch customer VPSes, Dedis, etc, I believe it's there for security reasons, so I can forgive them on that. I once had an issue with installing Java 8, they did lead me in the right spot, but they didn't touch my VPS. So, it's a 10/10 here, still.

    So far, I've pretty much had zero downtime. There was one time where the entire VPS did fault for 3 hours, but rebooting it seemed to work, probably my fault with my servers. There was also times the VPS went down for 15-20 minutes, probably my fault too. So, at the low level, they pretty much have 100% uptime.

    The DDoS protection for at least my VPS has done pretty well. Doing my own stress tests on the server showed that it could handled a general attack, and it handle one attack really well. There was another attack, and it really didn't handle it so well, even though mitigation was on permanent. So, a 7/10 there. It works most of the time.

    The VPS plan I'm on costs $13.49/month. No joke. Considering I have 8 GB of RAM, 40 GB of SSD, and addons are really cheap ($3 one time for another IP, and around $10/mo for another 50 GB disk), I'd really consider OVH a bargain, considering how top-notch it is, but just how cheap it is. Plus, considering their baseline VPS is just $3.49/mo (1 vCore, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD), it's really justifiable for any type of server that isn't huge.

    I really do recommend OVH for their VPS, since they're at amazing prices for the amount of RAM you get (around $1.50/GB of RAM), and all the extra goodies included. Considering their support, protection, uptime, affordability, and lots of other things, it's a total yes for me to recommend OVH to advanced smaller server owners, as a great way to get off of shared hosting, and potentially cut costs by a lot, without sacrificing performance (a 60% price cut in my case).
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  2. OVH support is 10/10?!?! I don't want to start an argument or anything, but it's like 4/10 for OVH support.
  3. They've actually given me all the support I need. I do understand their policy about not being able to touch the customer's VPSes or dedis, but for all the stupid questions I have at 1am, it works pretty well.

    I do mainly use phone support, however. Did you by any chance use the support ticket system?
  4. Yes I used the support ticket system and email.
  5. They downgrade my CPU due overheat. I had a Intel Zeon E5v3 in my VPS and now when I type in sudo lshw I see that my VPS have Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge). Like one day ago I see that my VPS is down and I cant login to SSH. Then when they said to me that something happend to the VPS I see that they changed my CPU to an bad CPU! ... Proof: .-. Thats very bad.....
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  6. its is proof that you have said cpu.
    It is not proof that you did not have it from the beginning, could you show a more "definitive" proof ?
    (like the order email that should say what specs the server has)
  7. He doesn't have it, because they don't do that.
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  8. CPUs on virtual machines are just that - virtual. I'm guessing they pushed an update to their virtualization system where that string was changed. You most likely still technically use the same hardware. If it was "real" hardware, it'd show the full CPU model.

    In any case, an E3 is way better for a VPS (and Minecraft hosting!) than an E5.
  9. Yes. My friend have a minecraft server (only 1 server with 6GB ram, no bungeecord) and have Intel Xeon E5.. That VPS he have is older than mine...
  10. When this happend my VPS goes offline...
  11. @o355 Im thinking of getting an ovh vps for a ~80 player server. Can you provide a follow up? has your server launched? what is it like with other players on it?
  12. Why do people still say their support is bad. Have you even tried it in the last year?

    They are unmanaged, but that's another thing that has nothing to do with support quality.
  13. The support is great!
  14. PLEASE REREAD THEIR TOS.... It says for me in Dutch:
    Code (Text):
    Als onderdeel van de Dienst, is de bandbreedte gegarandeerd 100 Mbps (100 megabits per seconde) en het uitgaande dataverkeer op de switch port heeft een vastgesteld volume van 10 TB (tien terabytes) per maand. Deze berekening betreft zowel intra-OVH verkeer als verkeer buiten het OVH netwerk. Wanneer het volume van het verkeer hoger is dan het vastgestelde maandelijkse saldo, wordt de bandbreedte in verband met de Dienst beperkt tot 1 Mbps (megabit per seconde) tot het einde van de huidige factureringscyclus.
    In english: You get 100Mbit internet and for outgoing data traffic on the switch port if it sees 10 TB a month then it will set your connection to 1Mbit internet

    //edit 1: source
  15. For OHV spupport it usally takes 1-1 1/2 days for them to finnaly help me and by that time i am eather mad and requestiong money back or done fighured it out
  16. When was the last time you contacted support?

    And half a day respone time is not bad. You're not the only customer they have, but when I contacted them, it was faster than that.
  17. Thanks for the correction, I'll check's ToS at least for the VPS to see if maybe it's different, and so I can read it a bit better. Thanks for pointing it out nonetheless.
  18. Thanks for letting me know how OVH VPS Hosting is!
  19. What sort of servers(s) and applications did you run on the VPS, as a point of reference?