OVH VPS.... doesn't seem like its performing like I anticipated

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  1. I recently purchased the tier 3 VPS SSD from OVH... 2 cores with 8GB Ram, and 80gb SSD. (Java 11, Debian 10)

    However running a server is nearly impossible. It took 71 seconds for a blank vanilla minecraft server to load, and a similar time with paper spigot no plugins. (Although I did have datapacks, but even without, it still took a looonnnnng time compared to what I'm used to.)

    After pregenerating chunks, the server seems to barely reach 20 TPS, with it usually being under that amount with any activity.

    I'm asking if this is normal... or if I have some faulty VPS... or if I just messed up somewhere along the process.

    Please do not say something along the lines of "you chose ovh that's the problem" please suggest another company or different package if you think there are better options
    (I've tried Hetzner but their location was just too far away)

    I'm at a loss of what to do. My budget is no more than $20/month, I'm just looking to host an SMP server. (No, I'm not willing to self-host)
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    Personally I'd pass on the idea of running on a virtual server for any Minecraft instance. Can you post any performance information (top/htop) at idle vs. when server is running? Startup line/flags? Plugins, configuration, etc.?

    Your budget is pretty close to Kimsufi territory if you have any interest in the dedicated options.
  3. Your best bet is to go with a Minecraft Host, honestly for the price range. That or you can get a game-vps from a company like ExtraVM and host your own panel / server / both that way.

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  4. In terms of the minecraft server itself, its 100% vanilla (with no startup flags). I do have some datapacks running though, but I don't anticipate those taking up large amounts of resources. After pregenerating the chunks overnight, I'm not seeing many issues, although the startup time still concerns me. At this point I think i'll switch to the Kimsufi option.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I personally am very inexperienced when it comes to the inter-workings of java/servers, how many cores/threads do you recommend?

  5. I never tried OVH VPS yet i seen just so many people complaining about them over time.

    For this budget you will be stuck with Minecraft offers, my suggestion will be TitanNodes, that's very probably the best Minecraft host right now imo.
  6. I usually hate Minecraft Hosts, they really don't provide what I'm looking for and I think they are usually way overpriced.