OVH VPS Setup takes forever!

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  1. I bought a VPS from OVH about 2 hours ago and it is still pending. I got a message on their website saying they check payments manually. I paid for the service with PayPal. How long should it take to get the VPS?
  2. Whilst it seems a bit peculiar to me, for this to happen - it does happen more often than not for security reasons. If you are a new customer/relatively new customer - They will take some time to manually process some payments to ensure that you are not scamming them or something of the likes.
  3. Why are you coming to Spigot to ask a question OVH could answer? lol
  4. Usually it takes a lot longer with PayPal then if you pay with debit card. If it takes longer then 2-3 hours usually you’ll have to submit documents
  5. Expect to wait a few days for them to validate the payment. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on how lucky you are.
  6. The usual case is that they're checking the payment during business days and office hours. Usually 09:00-18:00 (Timezone of Paris/France)
  7. They request two documents in an unclear way. Do I send one or both?
  8. I would send both of the documents that have been requested of you, obviously editing out any parts that may be confidential (Passport ID Numbers or Banking Information).
  9. Just send them your id
  10. Thanks
  11. Hide your SSN (Social Security Number). That could being abused.
  12. No, send them the information that they askes for
  13. They ask for proof of identification and address your id has both...
  14. Not all ID methods contain the address. My Passport doesn't hold my home address information. My PASS ID Card doesn't contain my Address. That's why in most countries, they request your ID AND a Bank statement or something of the sort.
  15. They also ask for a picture of your payment card (or at least they did in my case), and a utility bill. There was 4 things they wanted from me, I'll try to find the email later.
  16. Do they ask for different information every time?
  17. They only ask once per account. They asked me for all 4 at the same time
  18. Oh dang.

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