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  1. This vps cost $18 for me, i bought it before but i had some ping issue, i think its because the machine located in Canada, Beauharnois because most players come from US. is it only me or no? Should i buy that plan again? If not then where should i buy?

    also why the fu*ck cant i change the machine location, only Canada and Europe(
  2. Exglez, Canada is fine, it’s very close to the U.S., you shouldn’t have Ping issues, if so, try Restarting your router, changing DNS Servers, or upgrading your Internet Plan.
  3. I live in Canada myself, and hits are delayed.

    i pay $85 for our internet 25mbps download 10mbps upload not laggy in any game
  4. If not Internet problems, then consult to OVH about the server ethernet not functioning properly, but as a more likely chance, the OVH server isn’t the issue.

    $85 is way too much for only 25MBPS Download...

    We pay $60 for 400 Download.
  5. You probably want to do stuff like traceroutes
  6. DNS doesn't do anything to the ping. Once you're connected to the right server DNS doesn't do anything anymore in terms of that connection