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  2. SoYouStart

    You don't need that much power to start out with.
  3. I'd go for 2 x ssd though just for safety.
  4. Why running a Server on a Gaming CPU?

    You can get a Ryzen 1700X Dedicated with 32GB and SSD for 59€
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  5. Well its better for hosting minecraft, or if not go and tell ovh that they are running servers game with those intels and they are totally confuse(im not being aggresive, its only seems to me) Why OVH would recommend for servers game i7 then?
  6. It depends on what your planning to run on it. If you want to run multiple faction servers or other gamemodes with large maps a NVMe SSD is really good and is a big noticable difference as it's ~5x faster than normal SSDs ( So ~5x faster chunk loading ). If your planning to not do anything with large maps you should go for the first server. The CPU impacts performance too and although the I7-7700K is nice it might not be needed and isn't going to give you any noticable difference over the I7-6700K.
  7. To make money? ;). I7 got a bad cache, they a made for Gaming. I think a Ryzen is currently the best CPU in things cores and speed. Core CPU's are only useful to run single Servers, but a Network can make use of more cores.
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  8. If you are running a low pop server just go over with the i7 6700... but the i7 7700k has a faster single-core speed. Compare them (ex : ) then choose what suits you best, ask yourself *do I wanna have a webhost too?, maybe a database?*. If you want to expand, sure choose what's best... but the price will also be a heck higher because of the specs and also of the popularity. In my opinion I would run with the cheapest and the best dedicated server in specs if I would have a low pop server, like the i7 6700
  9. MikeA

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    You complain about i7's for servers, then recommend a Ryzen CPU. Irony.
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  10. On my server I upgraded from that same sys server to that ovh one for the nvme ssd only. If your worlds are loading slow the nvme will be noticeably faster
  11. Okay i will start with sys. Then maybe i will upgrade to ovh becasue of the nvme
  12. Its worth it the nvme? Will reduce lag like in a server faction or survival?
  13. Any decent dedicated server should tear down lag to a minimum unless you are giving it little memory or attention.
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  14. NVMe's are definitely nice to have, but it depends on your budget. If you can afford them, I'd say go for it, but I honestly have no experience comparing them to normal SSD's, so don't quote me on that. For survival related servers, good disks are vital.
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  15. They are made for gaming but fur to single core performance are great for Minecraft servers
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  16. And you want to run a Network?
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  17. There more comments I read from you the more confused I get. i7's are fine and have great single core performance, exactly what your average Minecraft server needs (unless you're gonna host dozens of minigame servers), no need to tell people they suck compared to the Ryzen that you are gonna sell with your hosting company. Looks like you're just trying to sell your own servers at this point.
  18. Even with dozens of minigame servers the i7 is good for me. I'll run out of ram before CPU power
  19. I never said they are bad, but you can get a Ryzen for a lower value. Use whatever you want, but using optimistic ratings is just not mature right? I just told you my own opinion about using I7 CPU's.
  20. I find this:
    A pretty optimistic thought, saying it's the best CPU for this. If I wanted to be immature I would have rated it funny instead. It's not meant to be negative or anything.

    Reason why I'm flying in here is because in my eyes this is going beyond just stating your opinion. You're simply stating i7's are bad for servers. You're not stating it like an opinion but like a fact. For example:

    So an i7 is only good for gaming? I have a shitty Toshiba laptop with an i7 and it produces more head than a furnace when I open Microsoft Word, let alone launch a game. There's plenty of people here using i7's in their server and I don't remember them ever stating "Ah man, I wish I had a Ryzen instead!".

    And let's be honest, where did that price come from? Probably your own business.

    Overall: Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to post any hate, but it's starting to look like you're twisting some facts here in advantage of your own business.
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