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  1. Hello,
    I am currently looking into purchasing a dedicated server from OVH but unsure on what exactly to purchase. I have a feeling that hosting is the one i need to go for.
    Would this be good to host a minecraft server on? Also, can I create multiple servers with just purchasing this one server.
    When I purchase it, how would I set it up? I'm sorry about all the questions, I'm not exactly amazing at this.
    Help would be great,
    Best regards,
  2. You will likely find cheaper prices on Kimsufi and So You Starts ranges, maybe try there?
  3. If your saying how do I set this up, can I run multiple servers, you need help. I will be glad to help you, I also would recommend a soyoustart E3-SSD Range. I personally would get E3-SSD-4 from SoYouStart (SyS) I would also recommend getting CentOS 6. As it is fairly easy to be tought basic commands. If you would like more information/me setting it up please send me a PM.
  4. Thing is, I am posting this for someone else as they are busy :c and they said they wanted one from OVH. :/ or a really good one from another host.
  5. SyS is a sister company of OVH.
  6. Oh,Ok. I thought they just sponsored them or something. XD Shows how much I know. Thanks for your help, I shall talk with my friend who wants this.
  7. Basically the newest stuff (expensive mainly) are with OVH, then when a new line of dedis are in basic give them to SyS then after they are old from SyS they go to Kimsufi, which explains why Kimsufi is so cheap, SyS is a good price and OVH is expensive.
  8. So how would I go about purchasing this one:
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  9. If your friend would like me to set up the server, PM me.
  10. When are you available to help? My friend will be purchasing it soon.
  11. Now and alot of the times.
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