OVH's E5-1620 vs E3-1290V2

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  1. I currently have 10 E3-1290V2 servers with Limestone Networks. Today I just wandering around and checked out OVH and saw that they have very good deal:

    EG 3
    Intel E5 - 1620
    4 / 8
    3.6 GHz / 3.8 GHz
    64 GB
    2x 120GB SSD

    With the clock speed and RAM, SSD availability like that, it can host at least 2 large servers on one machine no problem. Have anyone ever tried E5-1620 or OVH? I only had experience with E3-1290V2, the clock speed is 0.1Ghz faster but there's a big price difference
  2. If you don't mind, how much are you paying for each E3-1290 v2 server at Limestone Networks?
  3. You are better off with LSN.
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    Im going to side with OVH on this one. You can check out some of the other threads about why i feel that way, but if you dont want the hassle of switching hosts, stay with LSH.
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    I was considering a move to ovh my self.
  6. i use ovh server specs are always in line we are a medium server ranging from 20 to 60 people on at any given time and never a hardware issue..
    also running about 40 plug ins
    im running

    the only thing with them is you need to keep on their asses about getting your server and if you dont use a paid panel their stock free manager is slower then shit their manager 5
    also the best prices around


    Technology Sandy Bridge
    Processor Intel Core i5-2400
    Intel Smart Cache: 6MB
    Cores 4
    Threads 4
    Frequency 3.1GHz
    Turbo Boost 3.4GHz
    Virtualisation [​IMG]
    16 GB DDR3
  7. How is OVH's support? I was looking into them a while back. I always find it sketchy when a hosting companies website is sh**ty/laggy though and OVH's website meets both these.
  8. I got us this server from OVH a week ago:

    It's been great so far, but I can't really say that much since it's only been a week. Before this I rented a small 13$ a month kimsufi for testing in the french datacenter and I can definitely tell that both the american(canadian) website and server manager look a lot better.
  9. any support questions i did asked
    they always answer but from 1 minute all the way up to 2 days but they always answered
  10. It depends what you are hosting. If you have a single server, keep the 1290v2.