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  1. where do i find the place in essentials config.ylm to change the color of a group/ owner??
  2. What plugin are you using?
  3. Even better questions what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

    Are you trying to give the Owner rank a different chat color compared to normal users? Are you trying to set the name of the player with the Owner rank?

    For this answer I'm going to assume you want to change the user's message color:
    1. Make sure you have Vault and EssentialsChat installed.
    2. Open your 'config.yml'.
    3. Scroll or go to line 715 in this file. Hopefully there will be a section called 'group-formats'.
    4. Add a new subsection called 'Owner' or whatever your rank name is called.
    5. Insert your desigered format.
    Below I've added a small example:
    This will make anyone with the group of owner to have their chat messages appear light red in chat.

    Code (YAML):
    : '{DISPLAYNAME} &8ยป&c {MESSAGE}&r'
  4. Do you have a permissions plugin installed on your server?
    If you use PermissionsEx, you can set their prefix and their color nick at the same time by setting up the prefix each ranks.